100 Accounts To Sell On New AI App

AIdvantage is a powerful AI platform with a profitable agency model that will have you earning recurring income every month from your OWN AI platform to sell or give away

No Expertise Required, No Hefty Price Tags Attached!

You Can Now Make Money in


Step One

Log In and Pick Your Adventure:

Just like choosing your favorite ice cream flavor, you get to decide what you want to create. Log into our super-user-friendly software, and pick what kind of marketing copy you want to whip up today.

Step Two

Click, Click, BOOM

Generate Your Marketing Copy: Like a genie granting your wish, you just need to press a button, and - BAM! - your customized marketing copy appears. No more head-scratching, no more writer's block. We've made it as simple as hitting the 'play' button on your favorite cartoon.

Step Three

The Cherry on Top:

Profit by Sharing the Magic: Now, here's the surprise twist. You don't just create an awesome copy - you can also make sweet moolah by giving away or selling access to this nifty little app to others. Think of it as sharing a secret treasure map with friends - only you all find pots of gold!

Here’s a Sneak Peak of What

AIdvantage can do…

Content Marketing
Just like choosing your favorite ice cream flavor, you get to decide what you want to create. Log into our super-user-friendly software, and pick what kind of marketing copy you want to whip up today.

Social Media Marketing
Create a wide range of engaging and unique content for various social media platforms.

Paid Ads
Craft captivating and effective ads for your products or services, saving you from the usual hassle and tedium of impactful ads.

Search Engine Optimization
Generate SEO-optimized content that attracts organic traffic, helping your website rank on Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Sales Letter

Write compelling and high-converting sales copy that captures your visitors' attention and encourages them to take desired actions.

Video Marketing
Simplify and expedite your video content creation process, helping you produce engaging video content quickly and easily.

Branding and brand identity
Build a strong brand identity, including creating mission statements, taglines, and customer reviews, enhancing your company's reputation and recognition.

100 Accounts To Resell Included!



Normally Selling At $97/monthly

Everything you need to get started!

Aidvantage PRO

Normally Selling At $1,482

Multiply Your Profits by 100X!

Aidvantage UNLIMITED

Normally Selling At $497

Time To Overflow with Brilliance!

Aidvantage Agency

Normally Selling At $297

UNLIMITED Sub-Accounts & DFY Tools!

Aidvantage Resell

Normally Selling At $497

Sell it like YOU made it!


Normally Selling At $97

Learn the best way to build an offer!


Unlimited AIPixa Reseller
Valued at $297

When you purchase AIdvantage today, you also unlock access AIPixa unlimited reseller which means you can resell the graphics platform to a unlimited amount of users. Front end users get 100 account you get unlimited accounts to resell as your own.

All Front End Bonus Packs
Valued at $997+

You get access to all the bonus packs included as a front end purchase. We have resellers for Task Lead Automation, plus resellers to a lot of AI products including courses. A full new PLR offer to accompany AIPixa and much more as well.

6-Figure Affiliate Marketing Master Plan
Valued at $297

When you purchase AIdvantage today, you also unlock access to our 3-part bonus session series. In each session, we will go deeper into AIdvantage, sharing with you effective ways in which you can monetize your video marketing. This alone is worth 5x what you will pay today, and it’s yours for free!

PPC Profit Generator
Valued at $97

Skyrocket Your Website's PROFITS With Keyword-Targeted PPC Content & Your Own 'Intelligent' PPC Search Box! Adding PPC advertising - PPC content and PPC search engine or search box - to your website is one of, if not the fastest and easiest way to monetize your website. PPC is an online advertising model where publishers/site owners like you make money every time a PPC advertising link is clicked by a site visitor.

Valued at $97

Create your own simple ads using AdSauce. Within a few clicks, you can have perfect ads at your fingertips. Simply choose one of the 95 mind-blowing templates. Customize to match your product or service. Crushing Ads was never this simple!

Advanced Webinar Framework
Valued at $297

Do you want to run webinars but not sure how to create one? Well, you can now download our 60+ page fill-in-the-blank slide deck and build your next webinar in under 2 hours. No prior experience necessary!

50 Impressive Background Images
Valued at $197

Finally, there’s no need to fret about finding professional and awesome – looking Background Images! We’re making them quite handy just for you. Your future and potential clients form their first impression about your business based on your website. Our KV Social designers searched for the perfect background images for 15 of the most popular niches in the market. So whether you add it on websites or blogs – these background images will surely bring high conversion rates!

Instant Video Creator
Valued at $197

Give Your Web Site a Live touch - instantly add streaming video to their web site without expensive equipment, hiring expensive services or paying costly monthly fees! Instant Video Creator is a revolutionary new software that allows multiple users to create their videos under their own accounts. Not only can you use it to create just your own streaming videos, you can also start your own service where you charge a monthly fee to host such videos for your customers.

Content Marketing Vault
Valued at $797

Make traffic generation fast and easy with this bonus. This will include training and strategies that will propel your business to the next level.

Traffic Generating Resources
Valued at $197

Useful content should be at the core of your marketing! It helps you build trust, develop relationships, improve conversions, generates 3 times as many leads as outbound marketing, drives six times higher conversion rates, and has the potential for a 7.8-fold boost in web traffic... In this training, you will discover content marketing fundamentals, types of content marketing, AND most importantly - how to plan your content marketing!

Valued at $197

Create your own Social Images using SocialSauce. Creating social media images has never been easier using this software. Choose from Cover, Story, or Post. Pick one of the amazing 113 templates. Customize it and upload your Polarizing Masterpiece.

Ready-Made Client Contracts
Valued at $297

Eliminate the guesswork and streamline your client onboarding with our ready-made client contracts. These templates are designed to set clear expectations and protect your business as you bring on new clients.

100+ DFY FB Ad + Copy Templates
Valued at $297

Supercharge your Facebook advertising with our done-for-you ad and copy templates. With over 100 expertly crafted templates to choose from, you can easily create engaging ads that resonate with your target audience.

Traffic Autobahn
Valued at $297

Whether you are selling T-Shirts, digital products or affiliate product - driving traffic is a CRITICAL part of every business. We show you what’s working right now - and how you need to do it correctly so you don’t FB Traffic Training lost any money!

Fancy Optin Box Creator
Valued at $497

Fancy Opt-in Box Creator If you're serious about Internet marketing, you know that the first step to online success is building your own list. You may have tried other autoresponder services to create an opt-in box and build your list. However, those other services have limits on the kind of box you can create, and you could end up with a box just like hundreds of other people are displaying on their websites. Of course you can build your own opt-in form, or edit the raw HTML to customize the form, but you need programming skills to do that successfully.What if you had a way to make a totally customized op-in box? Do think your conversion rates would increase? You bet! “Fancy Opt-in Box Creator” is the tool you been looking for.

FB SharePoint
Valued at $297

Making money is easy with FB SharePoint, the all-in-one facebook plugin! Facebook is a market that never sleeps and with FB SharePoint you can surely take advantage of that. FB SharePoint is an all-in-one Wordpress plugin with 4 powerful features allowing you to share your content on facebook,with whom ever you want. Yes thats 4 plugins in One!`

MyBiz Manager Software
Valued at $297

New Push Button Easy Suite Of Digital Tools Will Help You Build Your Business Bigger, Faster, And Easier Then Ever Before!

Valued at $297

BoxedNiches is a feature-rich, comprehensive niche package that will enable you to exploit a niche in more ways than one.

Joint Venture Pro
Valued at $297

What's The Surefire Way To Launch, Develop, Nurture And Grow Your Business Into A Profit-Pulling, Lead-Generating, Cash Flow Flooding Enterprise With Guaranteed Results? A Brand New Software To Turn Your Business Into A Sales Exploding, Cash Flow Generating, Marketing Machine! Joint Venture Pro is a database-driven software that will bring you a flood of qualified customers every day of the week. This is the fastest, most effective strategy today to make successful alliances, generating instant cash-flows.

Total Cost If You Paid The Normal Price For Each Upgrade Separately (Not Including Bonuses):



Build Your Personalized Graphics Editor App, Packed With Over 2000+ Pre-Built Templates



Massive Graphics Pack Of 2000+ Customizable Ads, Banners With This Complete Collection

Create captivating YouTube thumbnails easily with AIPixa Editor. Choose from our library of inbuilt templates or create your own from scratch to make your videos stand out.

Facebook Posts
AIPixa Editor makes it easy to create Facebook posts that meet the platform's guidelines. Choose from different sizes including landscape and square and utilize our prebuilt templates to create eye-catching designs.

Pinterest Pins
Elevate your Pinterest game with AIPixa Editor. Our editor provides a variety of options and prebuilt templates to create stunning pins and increase engagement on your boards.

X Posts
Easily create X (Twitter) posts and quotes with AIPixa Editor. Customize your designs and make them stand out with our easy-to-use editor. Share your message with the world and engage your audience with visually appealing content.


Massive Graphics Pack Of 2000+ Customizable Ads, Banners With This Complete Collection

A Comprehensive Collection Of Cutting-Edge Ad Templates
Discover a comprehensive collection of cutting-edge ad templates in the Pixaguru template library. Whether you need images for your Google, Facebook, or any other platform ads, we have a wide variety of sizes available. With our diverse selection, you can easily find the perfect ad images to elevate your advertising campaigns.

Easily Embed Your Images Anywhere Using The Simple Embed Code Option

Integrated Ai Text Generator

Eye-Catching Banners That Make A Lasting Impression
Make a lasting impression on your website visitors with AIPixa Editor's eye-catching banners. Our collection includes hundreds of stunning website banners that will help your website stand out and look its best. Choose from a wide variety of options to find the perfect banner that suits your needs and elevates your website's visual appeal.

Maximizing Typography Headings, Fonts, And Effects

Full Editor
AIPixa Editor Offers A Variety Of Typography Options To Customize Headings, Paragraphs, And Other Elements With Font Style, Color, Size, And Line Height. You Can Also Add Gradients, Strokes, And Shadows To Make Your Text Stand Out And Captivate Readers. With Typography, You Can Create Engaging And Impactful Content..

Shape Library Enhance Your Design With A Vast Array Of Assets

Full Graphics Library
AIpixa Shape Library Has A Variety Of Assets Like Basic Shapes, Dividers, Badges, And More To Enhance Your Designs. Customize Each Shape Easily By Adjusting Size, Color, Opacity, And Other Settings. You Can Even Add Your Own Custom Shapes To The Library For More Options. Create Stunning Designs That Stand Out With Pixaguru Today.

Simplify Your Design Process With Our Extensive Image Library And Editing Tools

Editing Tools
AIPixa Image Option Tool Lets You Upload Your Own Images And Access A Massive Library, Including Pixabay Integration For More Options. You Can Crop, Resize, And Add Special Effects Like Opacity, Shadow, And Stroke. Create Stunning Visuals That Leave Your Audience In Awe With Endless Possibilities Using AIPixa's Image Options.

Customizable Background Options

Full Graphics Library
AIPixa Editor Provides Customizable Background Options Such As Solid Colors, Gradients, Patterns, Or Images. You Can Also Use Your Own Colors, Gradients, And Images To Create A Stunning Design. Customize Your Background To Fit Your Needs With AIPixa.



You get a full unlimited lifetime access to the editor and templates which includes all upgrades and future upgrades.


You can resell AIPixa as your own includes all materials you need to resell this and make big returns with the app.


You get all the materials you need to resell this. You get your own sales page and different pricing options. Plus a full marketing pack of materials.


You get a 100 license special to AIPixa. You can use these for clients or sell to keep 100% of the income that you generate.

With this sepecial offer you get:

  • Sales page fully formatted ready to go
  • Done for you graphics to use
  • 100 license reseller included on the front end

You get the AIPixa done for you PLR pack. A brand new PLR pack that is designed to go with AIPixa and help you sell and use it. Perfect companion to your reseller account

  • Sales page fully formatted ready to go
  • AI Pixa graphics ebook
  • All marketing material
  • Lead page for the new PLR
  • Swipes included
  • Full PLR license

What If You Could Supercharge Your Social Media Presence, Multiply Engagement Rates, and Stay Lightyears Ahead of Your Competition, All with the Power of AI-Generated Graphics?"

Imagine a world where your graphics aren't just static images. They're alive, constantly evolving, tailored in real-time to each viewer's preferences, all powered by Artificial Intelligence.


Revolutionize Your Video Production with the Power of AI" is not just an eBook; it's a comprehensive guide to redefining the video production landscape with Artificial Intelligence. As technology evolves at an incredible pace, this eBook equips you to stay at the forefront, providing insights into leveraging AI to streamline production, enhance audience engagement, and create dynamic interactive content.

You will also receive Private Label Rights (PLR), enabling you to repurpose, modify, and sell the content as your own! You get to add your insights, brand it with your logo, and share or sell it to your audience. This is a fantastic opportunity to offer your clients valuable information while also establishing yourself as an authority in video production and AI technology.

This ebook comes with an accompanying video course.

  • Done for you ebook
  • eBook cover
  • Formatted sales page
  • Marketing pack
  • Video course included



This comprehensive guide is filled with advanced tactics, practical insights, and industry secrets to supercharge your traffic generation efforts. It covers everything from SEO and content marketing to email marketing, social media, paid advertising, affiliate marketing, strategic partnerships, and community building.

Whether you're a seasoned marketer or a digital newcomer, this eBook will equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to elevate your digital presence, drive consistent traffic, and ultimately boost your online sales.

The best part? you also get Private Label Rights (PLR). This means that not only can you benefit from the eBook's wisdom, but you can also repurpose it in numerous ways - rebrand it, break it down into smaller reports or articles, use it for blog posts, create an e-course, or even sell it as your own product.

This ebook comes with an accompanying video course.

  • Done for you ebook
  • eBook cover
  • Formatted sales page
  • Marketing pack
  • Video course included



Content Management System

You can manage all your clients and your AI Staff together with Task Lead Automation. This is the perfect addition to go with AI Staffs. You can manage and control your projects and all your leads and contacts.

  • Project management
  • Lead management
  • Task management
  • Client management
  • Nuture your leads and proposals

Automate your work flow and your marketing tasks for yourself and your clients. TLA Automation is an innovative and user-friendly application designed to streamline and automate various marketing tasks. Its primary aim is to empower marketers, helping them save time, reduce human error, and drive efficiencies.


TLA Leads is a powerful application specially designed for lead management and sales acceleration. This dynamic tool focuses on transforming potential customers into qualified sales opportunities, helping businesses boost their sales performance and revenue growth. TLA Leads offers a comprehensive suite of features including lead capture, scoring, segmentation, and nurturing tools, enabling businesses to effectively identify, track, and engage with their prospective customers.

Includes Full Commercial Rights

TLA Project Management is a robust application designed to streamline the project management process, enhancing efficiency and productivity for businesses of all sizes. This intuitive app features task assignment, progress tracking, collaboration tools, and real-time reporting capabilities, enabling teams to stay aligned, on track, and up-to-date.

Includes Full Commercial Rights

TLA Agency Pro is a comprehensive digital solution designed to empower agencies and freelancers by offering a set of powerful marketing, project management, and lead generation tools along with agency rights. With this, users can efficiently manage and grow their clients' businesses. By providing robust solutions and flexible agency rights, TLA Agency Pro stands as a game-changer in managing and scaling client relationships and businesses."

You Get Full Commercial Rights


Full resell rights includes you can sell the app to your clients and you keep 100% of the income. The TLA Reseller Module is a value-added extension designed to empower users by allowing them to resell TLA's suite of powerful tools - TLA Automation, TLA Project Management, TLA Leads, and TLA Agency Pro. This module transforms users into business partners, giving them the opportunity to create a new revenue stream while promoting TLA's advanced solutions.

  • Sales page included
  • Marketing materials included
  • Graphics included

It's not that product creation is hard, it's not. But for the first time creating your own digital eBook can be one of the most daunting tasks. It's like learning a new skill all over again! But once this new skill has been mastered, building a new product will become second nature.

What if you could get results in the next few weeks, rather than years! Imagine being able to master digital product creation, and write your own paycheck? And much MUCH more...

Millions of people all around the world, go to google and search for how to make money online. I know I have when I first started. You start to go down a deep rabbit hole of hundreds of methods and ways people are making full-time livings from the power of the web.

Hundreds of thousands of people are now making a living in eBook production and sales! Producing and Selling eBooks in the Digital Marketplace Provides a Perpetual Source of Income That Can Change Your Life Forever. Learn How to make your fortune in preparing and selling eBooks.

Leveraging eBooks in the Digital Era Will Tell You How You Can Leverage Your eBooks in Order to Maximize Your Revenue!

Trends are important for business owners because they help them predict their customers' wants and needs. They can create products and services that meet these needs by knowing the hottest trends before everyone else. It is important to note that trends are always changing, so business owners should always stay ahead of the curve and know what will be popular in the next few months or years.

This video training course will teach you how to Create an Opt-in Funnel that Automatically Makes You Money While Building Your List - Using Only FREE Software. Create a no-cost opt-in funnel that actually makes you money.

Our new super HOT PLR Funnels give you the latest PLR content to build your list and sell as your own. We have three brand new funnels below check them out. ChatGPT, Crypto and CPA.

This is perfect all PLR comes with...

1. Lead page

2. Giveaway ebook

3. Thank you delivery

4. Upgrade sales page

5. Upgrade video course

6. All marketing graphics

Lock in this bonus offer today.

Create your own Surprise Products using ScratchThat. Ever scratch off a lottery ticket? Engage your visitors as they have fun scratching this digital version with their mouse to reveal their bonus surprise underneath. This could be anything from a coupon code, $10 Off, or a special bonus of some kind. 

Create your own Thumbnails using DFY Thumbnails. This is super simple to use and lets you create Awe-Inspiring Thumbnails in seconds. With a super-simple interface and dozens of options, an Incredible Looking Thumbnail is just a few clicks away.

When you repurpose your content, you can yield more output with the same amount of input, while maintaining quality. This saves you time so that you can work on new marketing ideas and attend to other aspects of your business. This guide will show you how easy is to create endless content.

Discover The Latest In Unblockable Popup Technology And Put Your Messages In The No Block Zone! Increase Your Opt In Rates By A Towering 319% With Popups That Are Astoundingly Attention Grabbing And Scream Out - You Can't Block This!

Instagram has been a go-to source of income for me when I’m tired of FB ads. In this training I’ll show you step-by-step exactly how to start a profitable Instagram page from scratch and grow it to monetisation level. You can use these tips to grow multiple accounts simultaneously.

In this training, you’ll see my best strategies for creating an info-product in less than 4 hours. In fact I did this LIVE in front of everyone and ended up selling over $1,089 worth of this info-product within 24 hours.

Increase Your Article Throughput With This Tool By Writing More Articles Faster! Perfect for Bum Marketers, Article Marketing and Content Creators! ArticleHelper can help you write and finish more articles. And if you are using it for marketing, that means more income and faster growing lists. If you are into creating content (especially PLR articles packs), this also means more income for you too. Article Helper functions as a basic text editor, and allows you to work on articles and come back to them later, never losing track of anything.

A New Software Tool Has Just Been Released That Allows Internet Marketers To Manage Multiple Profitable Products With Ease Increasing Their Bank Accounts Substantially. Now You Can Treat Your Business Like A Business And Increase Your Profits All At The Same Time. Introducing Tiger Project Manager - Now you can add as many projects and project tasks you can think of. See all projects and tasks on one screen giving you a birds eye view as well as the detail needed to complete those projects as fast as possible. Get those projects out before a competitor beats you.