Brand New Bootcamp For AI

I Will Show You How I Made An  $1200 In Sales From One Day Using AI

I Only Have Ten Spaces For This Get Your Place On The Webinar

  • New AI Software Package Built For Marketers 
  • Ten Weeks AI Training With Myself
  • Custom Marketing Prompts To Use
  •  See How My Team And I Are Using AI To Build Our Business Quicker Then Ever Before
  • Creating A Product With AI I Will Show You How

Do not miss this I will show you how I sold over $1200 with just a few hours work using AI. I will give you everything I used all links, prompts and full case study for what I did.



Here is what I will be giving you on the AI Bootcamp

First My New Software

This software is built with marketers in mind. The system is set up to help marketers accelarate their efforts online and ten times their output. I will be guiding you how to use this software and get the best results. My training will show real world useage in your marketing using the software.

You will not just be left to it I will be helping you in the AI Bootcamp to use this and use it to build your business. Just look at some of the ways you can use this.

Affiliate Marketing: The system will help you build your affiliate campaign with tried and tested built in prompts

Social Media Marketing: The system will help you build your social media posts, ads and full campaigns with prompts that are built in and we use ourselves.

Video Marketing: If you don't know how to craft the perfect videos our app will help, what about ranking yes it can do that too.

eBook Creation: Do you want to create your own product? then the app will help you do that from start to finish.

Sale Page Creation: Do you suck at writing sales pages? then the app will create the perfect sales page we will show you how.

And Much Much More As Well

I am only opening ten lifetime membership account's and as part of the AI Bootcamp you will recieve access to one. The system will be our got to AI system which we will be growing and expanding on.

Make sure you get your seat on the webinar.

You will recieve the $997 access this is not to be missed!

I have been using AI in my business for a few months now and it has helped me streamline and build my business quicker than I ever thought possible. In the bootcamp I will go over everything that I am using and how you can use it in your business. I will be teaching you on ChatGPT, MidFusion and Dalle PLUS using my software as well. Over the ten weeks here is what I will be teaching you.

AI Basics: If you are a newbie to AI don't worry I will show you how to get started and use AI effectively in your business.

Building Products With AI: Do you struggle to get a product ready to sell? I will show you how to get ready, sales page, product, marketing materials and more.

Use AI To Code Products: Yes AI will write code for you and Im going to show you how to do it. Its simple and easy to build small apps.

AI Images Commercial Rights: What you can and can't do with AI images. I will show you how to create amazing AI images that you can use.

How I Sold Over $1200: Using AI to create a product that took just a few hours of work and how you can easily replicate it yourself.

And Much Much More As Well

Plus I will be holding a live call where you can ask questions and get down to the nitty grittyn about AI and how to use it in your marketing.

Live Call: We will go over what we have learnt and you can ask me questions about AI and how you can use it in your marketing.

Affiliate Prompts: Affiliate marketing prompts for you to use

Social Media Prompts: Social media prompts for you to use

Video Prompts: Perfect video prompts for you to use

Image Prompts: Craft the perfect image for you to use

Entrepreneurial Prompts: Unleash your inner business spirit

Course Creator Prompts: Create video courses to resell

Product Development Prompts: If you are stuck on what to create!

Social Media Planner Prompts: Plan your social media

Act As Prompts: Get the AI to act as certain experts

And Much Much More As Well


Create and sell your own prompts. This is a real in demand business and super hot right now. With our prompt creator you can create as many prompts as you wish for any niche and then sell access to the prompts and keep 100% of the income.

This is a complete DFY business and we give you everything you need to start running this.

  • We Will Create A Logo For Your New Business
  • We Will Create A Sales Page For Your New Business
  • You Will Get A Full Guide On How To Use The Prompt Creator
  • Plus You Will Get 100 Ready Made Prompts To Start You Off

In this bonus I will be giving you all my AI PLR content that you will have full MASTER rights to. Which means you can pass on the rights to your customers. You will also recieve the new PLR content coming as well!

  • Your will recieve access to our eBooks
  • You will recieve access to our video courses

All the packages contain...

  • Formatted sales pages
  • All copy ready to use
  • All delivery ebooks and videos
  • Done for you video sales letters
  • All marketing materials
  • Extra reports and more