Done For Your AI eBook Creation Business 

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Imagine Multiple Streams Of Income When You Create Multiple Digital Aseets - 100% Hassle Free!

If you want to create your own digital assets and start your own digital empire then this is the perfect oppurtunity for you...

This AMAZING new software platform can:

1) Grow Your List (smarter/easier than ALL other current methods)

Give your prospects the option to preview your content then seamlessly introduce a Lead Gate to connect these now targeted and engaged prospects to your favorite autoresponder service. Enabling them to keep reading and (optionally) download your content after they've subscribed to your mailing list. Works with all popular autoresponders.

2) Boost Your Sales (up to 272% / based on scientific research)

Give visitors the opportunity to preview paid content then automatically transition them into buyers using the built in Pay Gate. It's super simple to set up, works everywhere and EVERYTHING is fully automated including 'thank you' emails sent to customers and additional post-sale triggered automations.

3) Secure private content using password protection

Deliver proposals, quotes, invoices, catalogs, price lists and more to your clients, partners / affiliates, team members or customers. You can also use password protected campaigns to reward your subscribers, members or social followers with private content that builds value & community. (It's also a simple and effective way to deliver affiliate bonuses to buyers)

4) Boost Readership with ungated access to your free content

With FlipGuardian you'll be providing the ultimate experience for readers: Ad-free hosted pages, beautiful animated page turns, automatic page-resizing, zoomable pages, full screen mode, live links, thumbnail tab navigation, auto-play page turns, sounds on or off toggle, one-click sharing (for your public content) and much more...

It features a Pay Gate and the Lead Gate but check out the private page below right now to see some cool demos and learn about all the ways you can start using this incredible new platform yourself.

Power Up Your Publishing With FlipGuardian!


Step One: Decide on what ebook you want to create. Add in the keywords to our software, inside the software the prompts are set to create you a perfect ebook. Copy and paste the content created. DIGITAL ASSET CREATED...

Step Two: Add in the details for your sales page. Keywords from your ebook and how long you want the sales page to be, call to action. Hit create and our software will go off and create the perfect sales page for you.

Step Three: Add everything into FlipGuardian, this takes just 20 minutes to add and get it set up and ready to go. Hit publish and your first Digital Asset is ready to go....

Rinse and repeat as many times as you wish...


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This is our brand new AI software that will create ebooks, content, blogs, keywords, social media and much more. This software is a monthly fee of $37 but you will get a years access today saving $444.

Not only will it create copy but it will also cxreate images as well.

Access to all standard templates included.

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This is our brand new AI software that will create ebooks, content, blogs, keywords, social media and much more. This software is a monthly fee of $67 but you will get a years access today saving $804.

Not only will it create copy but it will also cxreate images as well.


Access to all standard and professional templates included.

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Profesional Templates Included With More Being Added Every Month


The ultimate solution for writing an e-book with ease! With our mAIcreator template, you can now harness the power of advanced AI technology to create your next masterpiece. Simply provide the template with the basic information and let AI do the rest.This will guide you step by step to generating a full book. Generate Topics, input Targets, Topics and Tone. 


Get ready to skyrocket conversions with your landing page! Create a compelling headline that captures attention and effectively communicates the value of your product. Use well-written, concise product descriptions with a conversational tone to build a connection with your visitors and make your content more engaging. Include a prominent and actionable call to action with incentives to sweeten the deal and motivate visitors to take action


Do you want to create an online course that stands out and engages your audience? Look no further than the Course-building Assistant! Our powerful AI tool helps you create a compelling and effective course in no time.With the Course-building Assistant, you can choose your topic, target audience, course format, and course outlines, and we'll generate the content for you. You can also customize the content.


Instantly generate creative and engaging blog and social media articles that:. Are well-researched and fluently articulated. Are well-structured with a clear outline, chapters and sub-chapters. Include a compelling call-to-action. Include an SEO-optimised headline. Appeals to the target audience. Is highly customisable you can choose the no. of words, target audience, tone and topic of your article and include any additional requests


Whatever your page, this prompt will give you a step-by-step guide to what you are going to post for the entire month, saving you days and days of planning your posts. He is able to deliver a fully organized schedule, with key strategies to get his audience engaged, thus getting more and more followers without practically much effort.


Are you thinking about nights spent with lites of coffees in front of your laptop in search for the write phrase or concept to write your masterpiece?Well, with our template you’re going to save hundreds of hours of sleep and headache! With our prompt you simply have to type the title of the ebook (yes JUST THE TITLE!) and he will develope a complete series of chapters and subchapter for your Ebook. Then with a simple instruction (provided) it will develop every single subchapter!


Instantly create your eBook for Flipguardian using our new software our simplete template will create and write your eBook for you!

Imagine having multiple digital assets that you can sell or giveaway to build your list.

Our new software gives you the power to create as many eBooks as you wish. No thinking, no creation...just input the idea and our software will write it for you.

Do you suck at writing sales page? well not to fear our new software will write the sales page for you. Including the headline, content and call to action.

Create as many digital aseets and create the sales page to go with them. This is the perfect addition to any marketers toolkit.

Our software will write the sales page but what about bringing that sales page to live and creating it?

Are you an expert at Photoshop or want to want $250+ on having the page formatted?

Well not to worry as this bonus includes the first design totally free with the bonus.

Done by our inhouse graphics team worth $250+

How would you like a logo and boxshot creating for your new digital asset and Flipguardian product?

Our inhouse graphics team will create one to your specifications from scratch.

This is worth $147