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$656.92 IN 7 DAYS
Product: Untapped Traffic
Vendor: Steve Mellor
Number of BLOX Pitch Systems used: 2
In total we’ve made $711.81 targeting ‘Untapped Traffic’ using 2 BLOX systems.

Both systems used were created specifically for complete beginners, one of which is the BLOX Split Pitch System we mentioned in the video.

$1003.74 IN 7 DAYS
Product: Spectra
Vendor: Demetris D-Papa
Number of BLOX Pitch Systems used: 2
In total we’ve made $1737.42 targeting ‘Spectra’ using 2 separate BLOX pitch systems.

The first one paid us $1003.74 in 7 days. The second has made us an additional $733.68 so far.

$253.12 IN 2 DAYS
Product: MAT1 Quick Cash Side Hustles V2
Vendor: Matt Garrett / Alex Copeland
Number of BLOX Pitch Systems used: 1
Just 1 system and around 20 minutes landed us a quick $253.12 over a 2 day period.


Here is what some of the early users are saying...

I Finally Feel Ready To Start Making Serious Money Online

After completing all the BLOX 2.0 training, I finally feel ready to start making serious money online using a new system that will make my offers stand out from what most MMO and IM affiliates are doing.

Robert Scheer

Simple, Evergreen, And Ethical - It Works!

You can find lots of training all over the internet, but I have not seen anyone teaching the method used in Blox 2.0. This is a new approach that is simple, evergreen, and ethical - it works!

This will get you clicks 😊 make sales

Sandy Walsh

Just About Fool Proof To Make Money

Mark you are a GENIUS!! FINALLY a system that I can be VERY CONFIDENT in that I can succeed with this! I love this system and how you made it just about fool proof to make money.

Renise Smith

Incredibly User Friendly… It Makes A Lot Of Sense.

I found the software to be incredibly user friendly. The concept of concentrating on the creation of BLOX magnet rather than as in traditional marketing is new to me but it makes a lot of sense.

Tom Bieniek

A Very Innovative Way To Generate Affiliate Sales.

I really think it's a very innovative way to generate affiliate sales. I personally think I will join the DFY upgrades, as it will be a huge time saver, and especially with all the proven case studies Mark Bishop has repeatedly shown. I think you guys have done a fantastic job 😊

Sang Oh

5-Stars Out Of 5.

I give Blox 2.0 5-stars out of 5, and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a different approach to affiliate marketing. Even though the system is designed to promote MMO products, it can be easily adapted and used in almost any niche.

John Lee Thomas

A Business In A Box… 

Start Seeing A Passive Income Every Week

Very comprehensive and covers all you have to do to start making money online. If you follow all the instructions, I have no doubt that you will start seeing a passive income every week. If you are looking for a business in a box, this one is for you for sure. The training is superb as is the delivery. I envisage this getting a lot of 5-star reviews.

Dave Ball

An Outstanding Job

Mark does an outstanding job. I can see that a lot of time and effort went into BLOX 2.0 as it shows throughout all the training. BLOX 2.0 is an evergreen product that I will be using myself.

Jeffrey Stratton

We Can & Do Make Money…
From digital products which we DON’T promote.

Would you like to be able to do this too?
Because we can & will show you how to use this unique system yourself. And you can & will be able to use BLOX too…
We’ll even offer to create, and set everything up for you if that's what you want (see below).
So… Is BLOX The Solution You’ve Been Looking For?

  • Would a fully tested & proven system make a difference to you?
  • Would using the same system we’ve used to make 1000s in a week (and still use) fill you with at least some confidence?
  • Does seeing publicly posted & corroborated proof of real income derived solely from the product you’re looking at make a welcome, and inspiring change?
  • Does the knowledge that the BLOX concept has worked since 2017 give you a sense of security?
  • Most people agree that these points, and more, make a world of difference when it comes to making a decision about a lifestyle, or business opportunity product like BLOX, prior to purchase.



If you want access to our BotChatter system the full pro version with everything unlocked then make sure you are on the webinar.

The system will allow you to create unlimited bots and add unlimited subscribers.

It includes full training and tutorials. But we are limiting the spots to 75 on this one so you need to be quick!

Full Unlimited Version Unlocked 12 Places Only

Here is what is included...

Telegram and Whatsapp Bot: You can create and add unlimit bots for both Telegram and Whatsapps with no restrictions.

Telegram and Whatsapp Broadcasting System: You can send unlimited broadcasts to your subscribers with zero restrictions on Telegram.

Telegram and Whatsapp Live Chat System: You add a widget to your site and chat live to your customers and even sell to them direct.

Built In eCommerce Platform: You can sell direct to your bot subscribers by creating your own store that can sell both digital and physical products.

Video Training: We are going to walk you by the hand and show you how to get everything set up and running and how to start to build your lists.

Over 75 reseller packs to use as you wish. With these reseller packs you can reseller the product or resell the packs. This has never been offered before so make sure you lock this in as it will not be offered again.

Selling the packs means that you can resell the packs and pass on the rights to your customers this is HUGE!

75 Reseller Packs With Resale Rights 75 Places Only

Here is what is included...

Reseller Packs: Full reseller license and master license included this means that you can sell the products to your customers and keep 100% of the income and resell the packs to your customers and keep 100%.

Use Any Of The Apps: You also get a full personal license to the apps to use yourself. Apps, info products and videos courses.

Sales Pages Created: All sales and delivery pages are done by our in house team. Just upload and start selling the products

Graphics Packs: All the packs come with graphic packs that you can use with the system to promote the products.

WORTH $1000's

In the Online Success Model Affiliate Blueprint I will show you in a simple step by step process how I dominate affiliate campaigns and beat most other affiliates. Without using blackhat or illegal methods.

I use a simple step by step process that helps me dominate and generate five figures per campaign and I will show you how to do that!

Full Video Course: Easy to follow format I will show you everything I do to create a succesful campaign nothing left out.

Resouces Included: Ill cover all the resources that I use to create my campaigns and give you links inside.

Inside you will learn...

  • How to build your affiliate campaign
  • How to structure the presell
  • How to build a buyers list
  • How to build your bonus pages
  • How to generate backend income
  • And much more...


How would you like a one hour call with myself I will go everything I do to create successful campaigns. This is a one hour live call and can be booked with myself. Ill show you step by step how to get Blox 2.0 set up

Nothing will be left out and I normally charge $297-$397 for this so lock it in today as places are limited.

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