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One Stop Shop For Creating Stunning Long or Short Videos With Talking Head Using Your Blogs Posts, Articles or Any WebPage.

Turn Any URL Into a Talking Head Video Using Machine Learning & Our Generative A.I. Video Storyboarding technology, Within Minutes With 100% Customization.

Engage & Get More Sales On Autopilot Using ClipReel!


ClipsReel is an advanced generative AI video platform that helps businesses and agencies create engaging info-videos and sales videos with an AI talking-head by simply converting their webpages or any URL into a video script, storyboard and eventually an animated video.

In a world drowning in video content, why should yours stand out? Because with the next-generation ClipsReel, you're not just adapting content – you're pioneering a revolution. A revolution where text isn't merely transformed, but brought to life through AI talking heads, impeccable templates, and a flawless video scripting prowess that's unparalleled.

Video creation isn’t easy or fast!

There are about 10 different kind of video creation software that do pretty much the same thing, with just a few extra things here and there.

BUT not having a video for your marketing online is like taking an arrow to the knee!

What users want is the ability to quick and easily create a professional yet gorgeous looking videos for their marketing, without spending hours designing, editing, recording or a fortune on them.

No one has time to write a video script, create a storyboard, create animation (even if its point-n-click) or design all those other video elements.




Feed ClipsReel your chosen text or URL. Sit back as the advanced AI, more perceptive and intuitive than ever, dives deep. It's not just scanning text; it's understanding intent, emotion, and nuance.



Within moments, watch magic unfold. ClipsReel curates a video, crafts the narrative, and to top it all, an AI talking head that doesn't just speak, but connects. Your content isn’t being recited; it's being reborn.



Satisfied? In just one click, your masterpiece is ready to conquer platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or even offline events. The world is now your audience.

ClipsReel Comes Packed with:

Create Videos Using a URL

Leveraging advanced ReelURL Technology, just input a URL and let ClipsReel's AI and Machine Learning prowess convert the content into a dazzling video. The tool fetches relevant text and curates it with corresponding images and clips to generate an animated video, ready for customization.

Create eCommerce Videos using URL

Target the eCommerce realm by transforming product URLs into dedicated videos. Showcase product features, benefits, and appeal, turning mere page viewers into potential buyers.

Create Blog Videos using Blog Post URL

Bring your blogs to life! Convert textual content from blog URLs into captivating video stories, enhancing engagement and comprehension.

Create Article Videos by Copy-Pasting Article

Got an article? Simply paste the content and witness its metamorphosis into a dynamic video, complete with animations, transitions, and visuals that complement the text.

Create Website Videos using Website URL

Capture the essence of an entire website. From its design to its core message, transform every webpage into a comprehensive video narrative.

Create 9:16 Videos - Vertical

Perfectly optimized for mobile screens, craft vertical videos that ensure your audience enjoys a seamless and full-screen experience on their smartphones.

Create 16:9 Videos - Horizontal

Designed for a widescreen experience, these videos are a match made in heaven for platforms like YouTube, enhancing user engagement on desktops and TVs.

Create 1:1 Videos - Square

Amplify your social media game with square videos. With balanced visuals, these are tailored for platforms like Instagram and Facebook feeds.

Create 100 Videos

With the capacity to generate up to 100 distinct videos, ensure your content remains fresh, diverse, and engaging.

Access to 5 Premium Video Templates

Elevate your video production with five elite templates. Kickstart your creations with designs that resonate with quality and sophistication.

A.I. Write Video Script Using URL Content

The AI dives deep into URL content, meticulously extracting and drafting scripts that capture the essence and message of the source.

A.I. Assisted Video Templates Redesigns

Advanced AI logic intuitively redesigns templates, ensuring your videos always feel fresh and unique.

A.I. Creates Videos

Hand over the reins to the AI. From conceptualization to creation, the AI crafts videos that capture attention and engagement.

A.I. Create Titles, Descriptions & Tags

The AI doesn't just stop at videos. It curates perfect metadata, ensuring your videos are discoverable and SEO-ready.

Fully Customizable Videos

Dive into the sea of customization. From imagery to textual content, from transitions to animations, shape your videos exactly as you envision.

Easy to Use Video Editor

With an intuitive interface, the editor ensures your video tweaks and modifications are a breeze, never a chore.

Change/Add Text, Color, Font, Images, Video Clips & More

Equip yourself with an arsenal of customization tools. Fine-tune every aspect, ensuring your videos always align with your brand and message.

Save Project or Replicate As Template

Preserve your masterpiece for future endeavors or mold it into a template, streamlining your future projects.

Record your audio inside the app

Lend your voice directly, ensuring authenticity and a personal touch that resonates with your audience.

A.I. Auto-VoiceOver Creation for Videos

AI crafts impeccable voiceovers, ensuring your content always sounds as good as it looks.

English-Spanish-French-Hindi Support

Speak to the world. With multilingual support, ensure your videos resonate globally.

Add Your Own Voice-Over

Integrate a personal or professional voice-over, adding depth and authenticity to your video narratives.

Create HD Videos

High-definition quality ensures clarity, sharpness, and an unforgettable viewing experience.

Add Video Clips in Your Videos

Enrich narratives by integrating external clips, weaving a richer and more detailed story.

Choose from Millions of Images

Dive into a vast ocean of imagery, ensuring every frame captures attention and evokes emotion.

Choose from Millions of Video Clips

From backgrounds to abstracts, integrate an array of clips that amplify your video's appeal.

Choose from 1000s of Background Music

Music moves souls. With a vast library, set the perfect mood, tone, and atmosphere.

Full Rights - No Copyright Issues

Create with peace, knowing every asset is copyright-free, ensuring your content remains hassle-free.

Upload Your Videos To YouTube

Direct integration with YouTube ensures your masterpieces reach the platform effortlessly.

Upload Your Videos To Facebook

Engage your vast Facebook audience, sharing your latest creations with ease.

Download Your Videos

Keep your creations close. Save them locally for offline showcases or presentations.

Publish Your Videos On ANY Platform

Enjoy the flexibility of universal outputs, ensuring your videos shine on any platform.

Cloud Based. Nothing to download

ClipsReel is a cloud-based application. There’s nothing to download or install or configure. Simply login to your accounts and start creating videos and sharing them in minutes.

100% whitehat and approved software

ClipsReel is a 100% whitehat video adverts creation app and in no ways violates any TOS, making sure your accounts are fully safe.

SyVID. LIVEreel, Sonority, Facebook & YouTube Integration

ClipsReel comes with SyVID. LIVEreel, Sonority, Facebook & YouTube integration as well. This means you can seamlessly push your video adverts into your SyVID account and start sharing them on 8 different video sites and 15 different social networks to get more viral traffic, leads and sales. You can also turn your videos into LIVE videos using LIVEreel, create synthetic human voice-overs using Sonority and share videos on Facebook and YouTube in one click.

Established & Evergreen product

With over 100+ beta testers and years in research and development, ClipsReel is a stable product that is here to stay for a long run and bring in recurring commissions for you.

Add your own AI-Talking-Head On Videos

The talking head feature lets you create custom animated videos with a realistic digital clone of yourself. Just upload any photo - ClipsReel's AI analyzes your facial features to animate your head movements and lip sync.

The algorithms generate natural motions and lifelike expressions. Add your own voiceover or use AI voices. With the talking head, you become the spokesperson in unlimited videos without filming yourself!


Front End ClipsReelAI $37

ClipsReel is a cloud-based video creation app that turns URL or website - - like blog posts, articles, webpages, Amazon products, Shopify pages into an animated video with your OWN face as an AI-Talking-Head with AI voice with lipsync for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and more, all done using AI and automation.

UPSELL #1: ClipsReel Unlimited ($67/yr - $97/yr) 

The Unlimited upgrade super charges the ClipsReel app and removes any and all limits of video creation. Unlimited upgrade users will get access to the brand-new animation and video transition styles and ability to share videos to their phone directly for Instagram and TikTok publishing. They unlock unlimited video creation, A.I. topic finder, A.I. scripting and unlimited rendering. They also get access to priority video rendering on request, account manager, priority support and a special unannounced bonus app.

UPSELL #2: ClipsReel Professional ($59-$67)

With the ClipsReel Professional, users will unlock some incredible professional features. They unlock access to multiple new templates to stand out from all the other ContentReel users, they unlock the TrimReel and ReelMerge video modification features, access to removing ClipsReel branding from their videos, 1-Click Translation for Videos - 100+ Languages, Multi-Lingual Voice-Overs – 20 Languages and 50 NEW Voice-Over Accents among bunch of other professional level features.

UPSELL #3: ClipsReel Enterprise ($59)

With the brand new Enterprise upgrade, ClipsReel users will get access to Enterprise TMA - Team Members Access feature, Enterprise CAA - Client Account Access feature, Enterprise OCP - Client Previewer, Enterprise LeadFinder, Enterprise OutReach - Cold Emailing, Enterprise Website - Readymade & DFY, Enterprise Promotion Videos DFY, 5 Years Enterprise Website Hosting, Enterprise Client Contracts, Enterprise Client Lead Magnets and 2 incredible bonuses to help them user ClipsReel to it’s full enterprise business potential.

UPSELL #4: PlayerNeos Unlimited ($47)

PlayerNeos is a cloud-based interactive video creator that helps turn any ordinary video into a sales machine. Using this your customer can add buttons, menus, buy now buttons, optin forms, new custom thumbnails, logos, watermarks and even auto-play the video on any browser. They can also find other high-traffic videos and piggyback on them with their optin/buttons added.

UPSELL #5: Sonority ($197/yr)

Sonority is a cloud-based voice-over and music-track synthesizer app that lets you create audio tracks for your videos or podcast. Sonority lets you pick from over 15 different voice-over articles, copy-paste your text and convert it into a human-like voice in just a click. Sonority lets you pick from 1000+ A.I. created music or gives you the ability to create unique music tracks for your videos using A.I. on complete autopilot, without being a musician or artist. Simply pick the type of music you like from 15 different categories and the A.I. will automatically create it for you. Finally, you can use Sonority to mix and merge multiple different audio files (voice-overs and music both) into an audio track for your videos, podcast, courses and more.



  • Your Whitelabel AI. App with whitelabel and sourcecode rights value $197
  • Whitelabel set up complete installation value $197
  • Whitelabel AI funnel value $147
  • Whitelabel AI logo design value $97
  • Whitelabel AI full sales page and marketing pack with graphics value $297
  • Hosting for one year inlcuded if needed value $297
  • AI Whitelabel master rights 10 only $497
  • Plus one full extra whitelabel app with sales apge and marketing pack value $497
  •  JV launch extras value $197
  • Plus even more bonuses as well

Our Bonus Is Unlike Anything Else We Have Ever Offered...


Something VERY special is coming how would you like your own software app? branded to you and controlled a 100% by you? a full business in a box...

  • Your own AI software application.
  • Branded to you and owned a 100% by you.
  • We create the logo and graphics.
  • We install and set up the app for you.
  • Master sales page included.
  • Reseller and master marketing packs.
  • Full sales page we create for you.
  • We provide hosting if you need it.
  • Includes a full done for you funnel.
  • All graphics included with PSD's.
  • Unbranded tutorials included.
  • Full resell/master/whitelabel and source inc.



Unveiling Your Ultimate AI Service App: A Resellable Realm of Expertise

Embark on an expedition of excellence with our revolutionary AI Service App, a nexus of specialized virtual assistants and coaches. Tailored to empower businesses and individuals alike, this service goes beyond providing solutions; it offers a resellable platform, opening a lucrative venture of rebranding and reselling.

Specialized Virtual Assistants and Coaches: Harness the power of specialized virtual assistants across diverse domains including SEO, Cybersecurity, Risk Management, Human Resources, and much more.

Customizable Source Code: Tailor the app to resonate with your brand, modifying the service to meet the unique needs of your market.

Resellable Platform: A golden opportunity to not just utilize the service but to rebrand and resell, amplifying your revenue streams.

Marketing Material Inclusion: Propel your reselling venture with ready-to-use marketing materials, designed to dazzle and draw in your target audience.


Engage with Experts: Consult with specialized virtual assistants to tackle challenges and optimize operations.

Customize Your Service: Modify the source code to align with your brand's aesthetics and requirements.

Resell the Revolution: Rebrand the service, utilizing the provided marketing materials to resell and reap the rewards.


This Is A Unique Oppurtunity BUT It Is Very Limited ONLY 10 MASTER PACKAGES AVAILABLE

Full Whitelabel Application

This means you can take the software and rebrand it as your own, just change a few settings and you have a fully rebranded application.

Full High Quality Source Code Included!

When I say High Quality, I mean REALLY High Quality! the code is completely clean and ready to go if you want to add features you can.

Full Resellers!

You can resell as your and keep 100% of the income you generate, you can even give away if you want to build a list or use as a bonus you are promoting.

Full Site Page Build!

We make this unique for you. We create the logo and set up the sales page ready for you to start taking payments right away!

Fully Customizable!

Make this your own with just a few clicks, 100% CUSTOMISATION in just minutes you will have your own software up and running

Unlock Immediate Revenue Streams! Offer access to your robust AI prompt generator through this ready-to-launch white label SaaS solution packed in a comprehensive business kit!

In just a short time, you could elevate your business with your exclusive ChatGPT AI Software!

Market access to your AI-driven SaaS platform!
Generate revenue effortlessly!
Rebrand it to truly make it your own!


Here is what is included in this unique offer:

  • Whitelabel and full source code to Your Whitelabel AI
  • Formatted sales page for Your Whitelabel AI
  • Full graphics all done for you for Your Whitelabel AI
  • Unbranded tutorials for Your Whitelabel AI
  • Full marketing pack with swipes, ads, social and more
  • Full whitelabel license

What Does White Label And Source Code Mean?

This means unlike resellers or anything else the software is installed and RUN BY YOU...

  1. You control your members
  2. You charge the price you want
  3. You decide how you sell it
  4. You can add features if you want


Your DFY Whitelabel funnel is the perfect addon to Your Whitelabel AI. This includes everything you need to create your own lead generation funnel that you can then resell Your Whitelabel AI to.

This is a complete package that will help you get started and has everything included.

  • Done for you ebook product
  • Done for you video course
  • Formatted lead page 
  • Done for you delivery
  • Ready to go graphics
  • Full marketing pack with swipes, ads, social and more
  • Full giveaweay license

Whitelabel set up, this includes everything done for you its a complete concierge service. We set up the software for you, we install it and rebrand it to your specifications. And we will host it as well for you.

If you are not great with tech then let us take the headache away from you (even though this is super simple to set up) whats better than having someone do it all for you.


Give us the details for the name that you wish to call your new software and our amazing graphics team will get everything set for you.

They will create the logo to your specifiactions for your new branded version of Your Whitelabel AI. The logo is done from scratch and normally costs $97. But you can claim that today.


We will also include hosting if you want it. Totally free for one year then just $29 a year after. Our hosting package is the hosting we use ourselves and not some terrible lifetime hosting it has everything you would expect in a hosting package.

  • SSL Certificate
  • Full panel access 
  • MYSQL databases
  • Sub domains
  • Create email accounts
  • File manager and more


Master right sell as your own! start your own software sales business and start generating sales from selling the software. This will be open to 10 buyers only then it will be closed. This is super valuable and not to be missed.

  • Master rights sales page fully formatted
  • Full delivery files 
  • Full graphics pack
  • Full marketing pack
  • Full master license



Because you will have a fully custom product then our JV whitelabel pack will help you create a launch around the product. Done for you pack includes:

JV page



Lock in this bonus offer today.

JV Page To Use and Edit

Done for you JV page if you want to launch this

Done For You Swipes

Done for you swipes to recruit jv affiliates

JV Affiliate Graphics

Done for you graphics to use in your launch


Within a few short hours you could supercharge your business with your very own ChatGPT AI Software!

  • Sell access to your own AI based SAAS!
  • Earn money on autopilot!
  • Rebrand it and make it YOUR own!

Software sells!  (You already know that)  But it is expensive to have developed and requires a lot of technical skill to even think about instructing a programming team to do it.  That's before you run into problems with alpha and beta versions and revisions.

That's why I've done all the hard work for you!  Just come up with a name and a logo and you have you very own software business ready to go and sell to your adoring fans!

And It's Right On Point harnessing the power of AI!


Here’s a sneak peek at just a few ways you can benefit from a White Label License to 'Your Prompt Buddy':

Dominate the market: Get your hands on a powerful software that provides the most popular and in-demand prompts for ChatGPT.  With this white label software license, you'll be able to sell access to a cutting-edge tool that every marketer, content creator, and business owner needs to create high-quality, engaging content in seconds.

Save time and effort: The SAAS application makes it easy to choose and customize prompts, so users can create compelling content quickly and efficiently. With the "Run Prompt" button, they can even access the latest GPT Turbo technology to generate top-notch content with just one click without ever leaving your platform!

High-profit margins: Sell the software to your own customers for any price you want, without sharing profits with anyone else. This is a low-cost, high-margin opportunity that can help you build a sustainable income stream and scale your business quickly.

High demand: As more and more businesses move online, the demand for high-quality content is only going to increase. With this software you'll be able to offer a solution that meets that demand and provides real value to your customers.

No limits: There are no restrictions on how many customers you can sell access to the SAAS to, or how much you can charge for access. This means you can scale your business as much as you want and generate as much revenue as possible.

Huge potential: With this white label license,  you'll be investing in a powerful tool that has the potential to transform your business and your life. You can build a profitable business that gives you the financial freedom and lifestyle you've always wanted.

Flexible branding: You'll have full control over the branding of the SAAS, so you can customize it to match your own branding and messaging. This means you can create a unique and compelling offer that stands out from the crowd and attracts more customers.

You get ready to install and customize code that is optimized for production along with the FULL SOURCE CODE so you can modify the software in any way you choose.



Your Prompt Buddy Whitelabel License is an amazing deal and lets you start your own software business today!

But there are some important parts missing and that what my bonus gives you.

You will recieve a full whitelabel promotion pack when you purchase through me.

Lock in this bonus offer today.

Fully formatted unbranded sales page created for Prompt Buddy Whitelabel just add your new name in for the software upload and start taking sales. This is done by our in house team and is guarnteed to make you sales.

Fully formatted unbranded social media pack. We have done for you a selection of social media graphics that you can use togenerate traffic to your new software business. These have been done by our in house graphics team.

Fully formatted unbranded banner pack. We have done for you a selection of banners that you can use togenerate traffic to your new software business. These have been done by our in house graphics team.

Unbranded swipes. We have done a five day email campaign that you can plug into your autoresponder right now and start promoting your new software business. Full opening and closing sequence.

This bonus will allow you to create a full funnel for your new whitelabel software so you can maximise your return and build leads as well.

You will get the lead offer and lead page.

You will get the upgrade page for the video course.

Coupled with Your Prompt Buddy Whitelabel you will have a full funnel and be able to earn much more than anyone else who got this and make it more unique to you.

Lock in this bonus offer today.

This course exhibits the power of PLR material and the benefits you can get from it. It is a comprehensive course showing how to become proficient and profitable with PLR products. The methods used in this course come from experience and actual teachings to ensure that everything taught here is feasible. Now, let us get started.

Lock in this bonus offer today.

What if you could get results in the next few weeks, rather than years! Imagine being able to master digital product creation, and write your own paycheck? And much MUCH more...

Millions of people all around the world, go to google and search for how to make money online. I know I have when I first started. You start to go down a deep rabbit hole of hundreds of methods and ways people are making full-time livings from the power of the web.

Trends are important for business owners because they help them predict their customers' wants and needs. They can create products and services that meet these needs by knowing the hottest trends before everyone else. It is important to note that trends are always changing, so business owners should always stay ahead of the curve and know what will be popular in the next few months or years.

This video training course will teach you how to Create an Opt-in Funnel that Automatically Makes You Money While Building Your List - Using Only FREE Software. Create a no-cost opt-in funnel that actually makes you money.

How to launch your own PLR product.

So let's talk about what you're gonna need to profit and leverage your expertise and your experience to create and sell PLR. And probably the most important element you're going to bring to any product that you're gonna sell are gonna be those unique things that you can add to any particular product or service

Lock in this bonus offer today.

Have you ever tried to become an affiliate on WarriorPlus? If you haven't because you don't know where to start or maybe you're new to affiliate marketing, then this video tutorial is perfect for you. WarriorPlus is one of the fastest growing affiliate networks and growing every day. Within this tutorial, you'll learn everything you're needing to know in becoming an affiliate at WarriorPlus.

Lock in this bonus offer today.

There are a lot of places to get information on internet marketing, but one of the most famous internet marketing forums out there is The Warrior Forum. Also, it's a great place to promote your business.This 5 part video training will show you the power of WF and teach you how to build your business using Warrior Forum.

Lock in this bonus offer today.

If you're new to the internet marketing scene or even been around for a while, then you've most likely had already either came across or heard about WarriorPlus. WairrorPlus is one of the top three marketplaces where internet marketers and affiliates hang out. Within this 5 part video tutorial course you're going to learn some helpful advice that's going to help you stand out from the rest and get more sales.

Lock in this bonus offer today.


Create motion animations and add animations to your videos with Express VidTraffic App.

Express VidTraffic App is an easy to use animation software that gives you the ability to animate shapes, text and imported images. Express Animate is simple and easy-to-use.

Express VidTraffic App is a powerful one-of-it’s kind animation software that lets you animate anything in your videos. There’s a lot you can do with this software such as add text, shapes, and more.

The process of animation itself is easy once you get the hang of it. For video creators, most of the tools in the software’s interface are easy to use. There are keyframes, a timeline, and layers.

With these Traffic Marketing Videos, you'll get access to 1000+ marketing videos that are done for you.Creating a site and having the right strategy is part of the process. You still need traffic and what better way to generate traffic than leveraging videos.With Traffic Marketing Videoss bundle, we've create ALL the marketing videos you'll ever need.Simply download these videos, upload them everywhere with a link back to your adsense website and watch the traffic follow. 

More than 72% of consumers prefer to learn about a product or service via video instead of the plain old written word. So businesses need videos desperately.

Discover how you can sell your videos to clients.

This 8 part amazing video training series will teach you step by step how you can setup a video creation business online and start getting high paying clients immediately.


Videos are going to Win in 2023. Every business should leverage video in their marketing to get better success.

Video Marketing Domination video course will teach you to create videos that generate hundreds and thousands of visitors to any websites, funnels, and offers.

You don't need to have previous knowledge, skills or big budget to create high-quality mesmerizing videos that would allow your brand to connect with your audience, bring value and increase your sales.Topics covered:>> Discover How Taking Advantage Of Video Marketing Can Completely Alter The Course Of Your Business…>> Find Out How You Can Drive Hundreds & Thousands Of Visitors To Your Blogs, Funnels, & Offers FAST and Effortlessly!>> Learn How You Can Build Deep & Emotional Connection With Your Audience So That They buy From You Instead Of Your Competitors!>> Discover How You Can Create Attention-Grabbing Videos People are Excited To Watch!


Pictures may be worth a thousand words but videos are worth thousands of pictures... and more! This is the one-stop resource you need to use if you are serious about video marketing.

  • This course delivers the following crucial information:

  • How to pick the right type of video to create 

  • How to save money on video creation 

  • How to turbocharge the persuasive power of your marketing videos 

  • How to make money from your videos 

  • How to promote your videos the right way 

  • And much more!

Topics covered:

  • Why Should You Reverse Engineer Your Competitors Videos?

  • One Key Trick that Boost Your Videos' SEO

  • Too Many Marketers Fail to Do This and They End Up Failing

  • How to Use the KLT Sales Method Using Videos

  • How to Use the Cheapest Marketing Video Type Most Profitably

  • 3 Key Marketing Video Types You Need to Know About

  • 3 Key Considerations to Think About When Using Whiteboard Videos for Marketing

  • 3 Key Fiverr Services that Will Turbocharge Your Video Marketing Business

  • Do You Have to Have the Best Looking Videos to Make Money in Your Niche?

  • Why is Elemental Optimization So Important to Your Profitability