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OSM Welcome Module

This is all about getting started with affiliate marketing


Welcome to the Online Success Model. In this video I will tell you all about myself and what I ahve done online. I will also give you a look inside some of the networks I use to see some of my affiliate and vendor earnings.

What You Can Expect

What you can expect from the Online Success Model mentorship and training. How will I help you make a part or full time income online.

My Training

The training that I will be doing with you is unlike anything you have seen before this is not pre-planned this is a true over the shoulder case studies of how to make money using affiliate marketing and your own products.

DFY Affiliate Campaigns

My DFY affiliate campaigns will instantly help you get your affiliate campaigns up and running and give you all the tools that you need to do that. Let me show you how easy these are to set up using ThirveThemes Suite

DFY Bonus Pack's

In here I will show you the DFY bonus packs that you can use to build your own affiliate campaigns. Everything here is ready to go

Creating Bonus Pages

Why you need to create bonus pages that are congruent to the offer for better conversions and EPC's

Using Affiliate Campaigns To Build Buyers Lists

How to turn an affiliate buyer into a buyer of yours. Building a very good profitable email list

Leaving Money On the Table

Leaving money on the table. Why you need my premium resellers to collect that money most affiliates leave


Let me show you how to plugin in my DFY VIP funnel and start earning today. I will give you all the promotion material that you need to start making money today
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The Niche

Choosing Your Niche

What is a niche and how to choose one that fits your talents

Choosing A Niche

Choosing what niche to promote using Google keywords

Your Audience

Do you know where your audience is?


Looking at what trends are hot right now

Building Your Audience

How to build your audience and how to build a simple lead page
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What Offers Should You Choose

What makes the best offer to choose

How To Find Offers

I use to find offers

Jvzoo Network

The jvzoo network

More On Jvzoo

More on the Jvzoo network

Warrior Plus Network

Warriro plus network for offers

More On Warrior Plus

More on the warrior plus network

Clickbank Network

The Clickbank network for offers
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Setting The Affiliate Funnel

Setting up the affiliate funnel


How to presell the offer well. Make sure your target audience knows about the offer

Launching Presell Campaign

Launching the presell campaign

Bonus Offers

Create a irresitble bonus offer to make sure you get the sale

Collecting Emails

Collecting emails in the funnel
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What Is Your Hub

What is your affiliate hub

Creating Your Affiliate Hub

What should you use to create your affiliate hub

What Pages Should Be On There

What pages you need on your hub and why you need them
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Traffic What Is It?

Traffic what is it and why does every site need it

Paid Traffic Basics

Looking at paid traffic basic concept of driving traffic

Paid Traffic More In Depth

Why you should drive paid traffic

Free Traffic

Is free traffic really free?

More On Free Traffic

More on driving free traffic and the numbers

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