Bing Ads Case Study

34 Lessons

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Bing Getting Started

Getting started with Bing traffic

Creating Your Bing Account

Creating your Bing account and claiming your Bing coupons

$135 Worth Of Free Traffic

Getting $135 (£100) worth of free traffic to use in Bing

Setting Your UET Tag

Setting up your UET tag and getting it added to your site

Adding Headers And Footers

You need to add the headers and footers plugin to be able to add in your pixel codes

Creating Google Tag Manager

Creating a Google Tag manager account to add in your tracking pixels

Creating Your Pages

Starting to create your pages for the traffic campaign

The Offer

Choosing the offer to promote in this campaign Im using sqribble

Looking At The Stats

Looking at your affiliate stats to work out the best offer

Your Optin Page

Building your optin page for your Bing campaign this page will capture your leads

Adding In Your Autoresponder

In this lesson we are going to connect our autoresponder software with the lead page that was created inside the affiliate hub.

Creating Thank You Page

Creating your thank you page to link to your main lead page. This is where the user will collect your free gift and see your call to action.

Creating Conversion Goals

Creating your conversion goal this will trigger when your visitor accesses your thank you page and your bonus download

Creating Final Two Pages In The Funnel

I will create the final two pages inside the funnel which includes the bonus pages and delivery

Creating Value For The Conversion

Creating the conversion value for the last goal in the funnel. How much the payment for the sale is worth

Recap Of What Has Been Created

Recap of what has been created so far for the campaign

Editing The Bonus Page

Editing the bonus page for the campaign. This is the page where you get paid from any traffic

Adding A Video

Adding a video to the bonus page, using the demo video to create the video

Delivering Your Bonus

How to deliver your bonus

Creating Buyers List

Creating a buyers list from your traffic campaign

Creating Split Tests

Creating a split test for the main lead page

Creating The Follow Up

Create a automated follow up via email. Moving around emails in the automated follow up

Editing The Thank You Page

Editing the thank you page and adding the call to action

Adding A Popup

Adding a popup to the thank you page to push users back to the bonus page

Adding The Call To Action

Adding the call to action to the thank you page.

Creating The Ad

Creating the advertisement and making it live. Setting the budget and the keywords for the advertisements

Statistics Of The Ad

Looking at how the ad is preforming and how much we are paying per lead

Creating A Retargeting List

Creating a retargeting list in Microsoft Bing

How The Traffic Is Preforming

Looking at how the traffic is preforming and what the conversion rates are

How The Followup Is Preforming

How are the leads preforming on the followup

How The Split Test Is Preforming

Looking at how the split test is preforming

Looking At The Competition

Looking at the competition and see what there lead/cpature pages are like and how we can alter ours

Editing The Capture Pages

Editing and tweaking the winning page

Closing The Case Study

Closing of the case study and what the final figures where