CPA Case Study

68 Lessons

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Course Structure

Getting Started

How the funnel will run

Starting The Funnel

Starting to build the funnel

CPA How It Fits In The Funnel

How the CPA offer will fit in the funnel

CPA Offer

Airmeet CPA offer

CPA Funnel Building A List

Building a list with a CPA funnel

Different CPA Systems

Signing up for the different CPA systems

Adding The Optin Page

Creating and adding the optin page

Creating The Thank You Page

Creating and adding the thank you page

The Cpa Offer

Adding the CPA offer to the thank you page

Extra Offers

Extra offers for the thank you page

Thank You Page

Creating the thank you page

More Offers

Adding more offers to the thank you page

Setting The Thank You Page

Setting up the thank you page

Adding A Timer Bar

Adding a evergreen timer bar

Adding Exit Pop

Adding a exit pop to the thank you

Gifts For The Thank You

Adding the gifts to the thank you page

How The Set Up Looks

How the set up looks for the CPA offer

Followup Series

Starting the followup series for the funnel

Sellers For The First Campaign

Finding sellers for the first campaign

Funnel With The Follow Up

Funnel with the follow up flow

Why Use Bridging Pages

Why use bridging pages in the followup funnel

Adding To The Automation

Adding more to the automations

More On The Thank You Page

Adding more to the thank you pages

Building The Extended Followup

Building out the extended follow up

Conversions And Tracking

Settings up the conversions and tracking using improvely

Setting Up The Project

Setting the project in improvely

Conversion Tracking Codes

Settings up the conversion tracking codes

Tracking Links Split Test

Setting the tracking link and split test

Multiple Optin Pages

Multiple optin pages for the split test

Adding The Main Lead Pages

Setting up the split test for improvely

Adding Tracking Links To W+

Adding the tracking links to W+

Purchasing The Traffic

Purchasing the traffic from UDMI

Traffic Recieved

Traffic recieved from UDMI

Split Test Results

Split tests results for solo traffic

Income Made From Solo

Income made from solo so far

Stats On Campaign

Stats so far on the active campaign folow up

48 Hours From Close

48 hourse from close of Active Campaign follow up

Income Totals So Far

Income totals so far

Building A New CPA Test

Starting to rebuild the new CPA test

New Optin Page

Building new optin page

Changes To Airmeet

Changes to the airmeet program

Using Another CPA Network

Using another CPA network

Building New Thank you Page

Building version two thank you page

Finding New Offers

Finding the new offers for the thank you page

Offers For The Thank You Page

Setting the page correctly and positioning the offers

Re Doing The Follow Up

Re doing how the follow up works

Adding New CPA Offer

Adding in new CPA offer from Max Bounty

Creating Exit Pop

Creating the exit pop

Moving Lists Using Zapier

Using zapier to move the subs from Active Camapign to Getresponse


Setting up the automation in Getresponse

Creating Followup

Creating the follow up for the campaign

Follow Up Offers

Finding the follow up offers

Creating The Links

Creating and building the follow up links

Doing The Follow Ups

Creating the follow ups

More On The Follow Ups

More on creating the follow ups

Next Follow Up

The next follow up offer

Next Follow Up

More follow ups in the funnel

Adding Rules To The Automation

Adding rules to the automation

Email Automation

Setting up the email automation

New Tracking Link

Creating new tracking link

Buying More Traffic

Buying more solo traffic

Results From Traffic

Results from the traffic

Different Conversion Rates

The two different conversion rates

Looking At Results

Looking at the results from the solo's

Generated Clicks

Clicks that where generated by the solo

Testing Links With Bing

Setting up and testing links with Bing

Adding A Campaign To Bing

Setting up and adding a campaign to Bing

Bing Results

Results from Bing