Traffic Ads Case Study

18 Lessons

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Course Structure

Different Optin Pages

Looking at the different optin pages

Creating Optin Pages

Creating the different optin pages

Creating More Optin Pages

Creating more optin pages

More On Optin Pages

Creating the third optin page

Finishing Off Optin Pages

Finishing off the third optin page

Going Over The Optin Pages

Going over the optin pages

First Follow Up

First follow up

Creating Thank You

Creating and editing the thank you page

Setting Up The Course

Setting up the course and the $1 tripwire

Thank You Page Into Sales Page

Making the thank you page a sales page

More On Thank You Sales Page

More on the thank you and sales page

Creating Graphics For The Page

Im using clickdesigns to create graphics for the page

More Graphics For The Page

More graphics for the sales thank you page

Creating Sales/Thank You

Creating both sales and thank you combined

Adding More To Thank You Sales Page

Adding more to thank you sales page

Starting to Create The Course

Starting to create the course using new Thrive 4.0

Adding More To Course

Adding more to the course

Setting The Drip Feed

Setting the drip feed inside Thrive