7 Complete Lead & Product Funnels With Lead Pages.Lead Magnets.Download Pages.Written Emails.Product Upsells.Product Downsells.Cross Sells.Members Area. You Keep 100% Of All Sales!

Hosted Websites With Entire Product Funnels And Ongoing Affiliate Sales From JVZoo, Warrior Plus & Clickbank Using Our Traffic


Your Minute Kit AI Pack Includes:

Minute Kit AI Gives You Seven Websites Each With:

Live In Under 1 Minute But It Gets Even Better!

Your Cloud Hosted Website Collection Also Includes:

All Products Created For You

Each of your websites offers a perfectly crafted irresistible lead magnet.  They’re all different, but all high end.  You’ll be able to give away video courses, software collections & more and let the system go to work for you!

You Can Simply Give Away Video CoursesSoftware Collections & ChatGPT Prompt Bundles All Of High Value To Build Your Lists

You can give away products people have had to pay for to access in the past, in niches proven to stand the test of time. 

That’s just the FREE gifts you can share. 

Your customers will get even MORE value…!


Each of your hosted, readymade gifts purposefully guides them towards buying the upgrades, giving them access to a vast collection of even better quality content and their own members area dashboard. 


Any products that are sold are delivered inside your customer’s members area, giving them additional members-only training and resource collections, automatically delivered as soon as your customer’s payment hits your account!

All Pages Written & Designed For You

Writing high converting sales copy and designing it in a way that makes people want to buy either takes YEARS to master, or thousands of dollars  out of your pocket.  For each website!


We’ve done it all for you.  Landing pages, upsell/downsell/cross sell offers and more.   We’ve even filmed high quality sales videos and added them to your pages.  


There’s nothing for you to edit, customise, set up – no buy buttons to add, or code to mess with.  It’s ready instantly. 

All Emails Written & Queued For You

Your websites automatically deliver the lead magnets, then send followup emails over 30 days delivering high quality training, bonus resources and real reasons for them to open each and every email, gently prompting them  to buy the products in your funnel.

We add your links to every email in that sequence and queue it in our hosted & managed-for-you autoresponder.  There’s no need to edit/write/touch an email or mess with software.

That’s A Full 30 Days Of Automated Sales Emails Being Sent For You, All With Your Links.  THEN…

Once that 30 days is finished, we’ll find targeted offers, review them, create bonuses, write emails & send them all with your affiliate links … for as long as that person says subscribed…!


We send out approximately 2-4 emails every week to your subscribers keeping them engaged and buying related offers we’ve researched that are perfectly tailored to their interests.  


All with your affiliate links.   We’ll do ALL the work of continuing to monetize your assets for you!

Automated & Ready To Use In Under One Minute

Our goal with Minute Kit AI was to make this the most beginner friendly, fast and easy way to start seeing results online.

So if you are starting out (or just in a hurry), everything is 100% ready to go after you’ve complete your one minute activation.  Right out of the box you’ll have:

7 Complete Websites: Capturing Leads, Filled With Products & Completely Automated

Packed With Products: Sell Perfectly Tailored $9.97, $22, $27 & $47 Products In Your Funnels

Ongoing Commissions: Managed JVZoo, W+ & Clickbank Promos Well After That First Lead Arrives

No Limits: Add Unlimited Subscribers & Customers On All 7 Websites, & Even Have Them Sharing Too!

They Have Even Prepared TRAFFIC For You!

You’ll get traffic 3 easy ways

One-Click Traffic Toolkit: You'll have a collection of banners, email swipes and prewritten social share resources already embedded with your name and link, ready to click, post and profit.

Self Perpetuating Traffic Funnel: Once a subscriber joins your list through one of your giveaways, they'll receive emails encouraging them to share, purchase or buy other products all with your links

Done-For-You Paid Traffic: If you've ever wanted to run paid traffic but not sure how, this is for you. We offer reasonably priced traffic packages getting your websites seen by people who need it!

17 Products For $1 Each...

I am going to give you 17 products for $1 each! this is huge and will not be beaten. It includes everything you need to get going online today.

From AI products to done for you offers. This is the ultimate package and goves live in...

Introducing our exclusive bundle, packed with state-of-the-art AI products tailored for the modern creator. Whether you're looking to craft captivating content, design mesmerizing images, generate sophisticated code, or achieve more, this bundle has it all. Each product within this package is specifically designed to elevate the quality and efficiency of your work. It's a common misconception that high-quality digital tools always come with a hefty price tag. However, with this special offer, you'll not only be gaining access to some of the best AI-driven tools in the market but also securing them at a fraction of their individual prices. Why invest more in individual products when you can get a comprehensive suite of tools in one fantastic deal? Don't miss out; seize this opportunity now and revolutionize the way you create!"

This is our brand new AI software that will create ebooks, content, blogs, keywords, social media and much more. This software is a monthly fee of $67 but you will get a years access today saving $804.

Not only will it create copy but it will also create images as well.


Access to all standard and professional templates included.

In AI Money Bank let me show you how to get the most from the software and find jobs that can earn $20-$30 for just a few minutes work.

If you are struggling online now or funds are short then do not miss the chance to claim this bonus. Full video course with more modules being added all the time.

The profesional edition gives you everything you need to start utilizing this to its full potential

Produce your marketing content ten times faster and this has a full  text to audio built in so you can create audo and voice overs as well.

More tokens, more content and the full profesional version. SAVING OVER $550 PER YEAR.

Presenting our exclusive package tailored for your convenience: a comprehensive bundle that includes meticulously designed 'done-for-you' funnels. Each funnel in this bundle has been crafted to perfection, ensuring it resonates with your target audience. Not only will you receive the primary front-end offer, but also an enhanced video offer, giving your audience a richer experience and greater value. What makes this deal even more exceptional is the inclusion of all necessary sales material. With every asset in place, you won’t need to stress over the details. Everything has been curated and organized, ready for you to deploy. By opting for this bundle, you're essentially streamlining your sales process and positioning yourself for optimal success. Embrace this complete package and watch your conversions soar!

If you are experiencing dropping clicks and less engagement then this is the perfect course for you. We will show you how to get the mosts clicks and engagement from your email list in 2023. Even if your list is small and what about if you don't have a email list? No fear we will show you how to build that as well.

You can give away our ebook as a lead magnet comes with amazing done for you lead magnet page and offer. Then upsell to the video course comes with sales page and video course.

Funnels are the perfect way to make money with your digital products in 2023, increase your revenue 10 fold by building good converting funnels.

You can give away our ebook as a lead magnet comes with amazing done for you lead magnet page and offer. Then upsell to the video course comes with sales page and video course.

Are you looking to launch a product on one of the many digital market places and generate a 2nd income or even replace your job? Then this is the perfect book for you if will dispel all the myths and give you the lowdown on launching your own product.

You can give away our ebook as a lead magnet comes with amazing done for you lead magnet page and offer. Then upsell to the video course comes with sales page and video course.

Social traffic is more important in 2023 than ever before all engagement is done from social media. If you struggle with social media then you are not alone, most marketers find it hard to make any kind of impact on social media and their posts and campaigns disappear into the void with 1 or two likes or comments. 

You can give away our ebook as a lead magnet comes with amazing done for you lead magnet page and offer. Then upsell to the video course comes with sales page and video course.

Video is arguably the most powerful, trending mode of marketing and communication today. It drives more engagement than any other form of content out there. 

It boosts conversions like few other things can. It is seen as a must-have for any business both because it is indicative of their ability to keep up with the times and also because it’s what audiences want. 

You can give away our ebook as a lead magnet comes with amazing done for you lead magnet page and offer. Then upsell to the video course comes with sales page and video course.

In Profit Quick start I am going to give you the tools to start generating leads today with a done for you funnel and ready made templates to instantly upload and get started with.

If you struggle to build leads to your offers then the Profit Quick is the perfect start for getting leads into your autoresponder for you to start generating profits today.

And the best thing about this is?

It comes with full PLR rights...

In Member Madness I am going to give you a membership site done by myself and featuring my own content with huge social proof to help you convert those leads into sales.

Ill give you the tools to deploy this site quickly and easily and a full guide on how to do it. Plus you get all personal rights but...

And the best thing about this is?

It comes with full PLR rights...

In Money Mind I am going to give you a audio course that I created on what makes super affiliate succesful and how I have made eight figures with affiliate marketing. All about what makes a super affiliate super!

And the best thing about this is?

It comes with full PLR rights...

In High Level Cash I will give you a full done for you high ticket upgrade. How would you like to make $500 a sale on my high ticket mentorship. Everything is done for you and its a complete plug and play ready to go in your funnels.

Introducing our premium bundle tailored especially for entrepreneurs and businesses looking for new avenues of income. Within this bundle, you'll find high-quality reseller apps that you can rebrand and resell as your very own. We provide you with the tools, and you take the reins! The beauty of this bundle is the autonomy it offers: once set up, every single cent of the income generated is yours to keep, no splits or commissions. Imagine having a collection of sought-after apps under your own brand, without the headaches of development or maintenance. Just set them up, market them under your banner, and reap the full rewards of your efforts. This is not just a business opportunity; it's a chance to establish yourself in the app market with complete ownership and 100% profit potential. Don't miss out on this unique chance to expand your portfolio and boost your revenue streams!

Get better results with your marketing using AI, the revolutionary technology that can help you optimize your marketing efforts and achieve more success. By leveraging AI-powered tools, you can analyze vast amounts of data and gain insights into customer behavior, preferences, and trends. 

Full PLR rights included to this offer. You get everything you need to build a list with this offer.

Boost your branding with AI-generated images, the innovative technology that can help elevate your brand to new heights. AI-generated images are highly customizable and can be created to fit your specific branding needs, from logos and banners to social media posts and website designs.

Full PLR rights included to this offer. You get everything you need to build a list with this offer.

Helping Marketers Get Better SEO Results with Artificial Intelligence is a comprehensive course designed to teach marketers how to harness the power of AI to improve their search engine optimization strategies.

Full PLR rights included to this offer. You get everything you need to build a list with this offer.

Unleashing the Future of Video Marketing: Harnessing the Power of AI is a comprehensive video marketing course that explores how artificial intelligence can revolutionize the way businesses connect with their audience through video. 

Full PLR rights included to this offer. You get everything you need to build a list with this offer.

Creating killer AI prompts is all about leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to generate compelling and unique ideas. AI-powered tools can quickly analyze vast amounts of data and generate prompts that are tailored to specific topics, audiences, and writing styles.

Full PLR rights included to this offer. You get everything you need to build a list with this offer.

Unveiling our specially curated bundle designed with the digital entrepreneur in mind: a collection of cutting-edge business apps tailored to supercharge your online endeavors. Each application within this package has been handpicked for its ability to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and most importantly, drive revenue. Whether you're managing e-commerce, offering services, or curating content, these apps cater to a myriad of online business models.

With the digital landscape becoming increasingly competitive, having the right tools at your disposal can make the difference between merely surviving and truly thriving. Our bundle not only ensures you stay ahead of the curve but also maximizes the potential for profitability. Dive deep into the world of online business, equipped with tools that not only simplify tasks but also open doors to new revenue streams. Make the smart choice today and invest in your online business's future success.

The system will allow you to create unlimited bots and add unlimited subscribers.

It includes full training and tutorials. This is the ultimate Bot system which works with both telegram and whatsapp.




Over 75 reseller packs to use as you wish. With these reseller packs you can reseller the product or resell the packs. This has never been offered before so make sure you lock this in as it will not be offered again.

Selling the packs means that you can resell the packs and pass on the rights to your customers this is HUGE!

This video training course will teach you how to Create an Opt-in Funnel that Automatically Makes You Money While Building Your List - Using Only FREE Software. Create a no-cost opt-in funnel that actually makes you money.

Comes With PLR

This is a 10-part video training course on getting traffic. You will learn such things as organic search, YouTube organics traffic, solo ads, product creation, forum signature marketing, Amazon Kindle, Udemy and much more.

Comes With PLR

Give people what they want. While I know that sounds too simple and like “duh”, common sense, the reality is that implementing this is actually harder than it sounds. This is simply because most of your customers don’t know what they want. Some do, but most don’t.

Bonus: Two Free Funnels Every Month!

Choose 2 new funnels every month from our collection of 400+ done-for-you lead magnet funnels.

Bonus: Funnel Builder Access!

Use our one click templates to install a funnel, drag and drop builder to customise and email templates, point and click link building and tracking system too