A Breakthrough, A.I Based Interactive Content Creation TECHNOLOGYThat Combines Human Voice With Interactive Feed & Gets HigherCustomer Engagement With No Monthly Fees EVER!



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What Is Storify All About?

The traditional ways of marketing offers to customers are slowly becoming obsolete.


Gone are the days when you could boost sales by sending emails to customers, promote offers using broadcasts
messages, creating long videos that literally bore your customers or driving traffic writing long blogs that no
one cares to read.

Today, when the online audience is exposed to so much noise around…
Marketers are in dire need for something that helps them go beyond the normal & thus…

Giving A Smart Audio Experience Using Interactive Audios Is The Next Big Thing In Content Marketing.

Thats where Storify comes in

A Breakthrough, A.I Based Interactive Content Creation TECHNOLOGY That Combines Human Voice With Interactive Feed & Gets Higher Customer Engagement With No Monthly Fees EVER



Frontend Storify COMMERCIAL - $37

√ up to 90 seconds (users can make up to 90 seconds long Stories)

√ up to 30 stories per month (users can make up to 30 Stories a month)

√ Analytics (users will see the impressions and interactions with their stories)

√ Add a thumbnail (allows users to add a thumbnail to their Story)

√ upload audio (users can upload an existing audio file to use for their Story)

√ Record audio in browser

√ add text (users can add text to their stories)

√ Highlight (users can highlight certain parts of their stories)

√ Social Share (instantly share your stories on Social Media)

√ Add Quotes (users can add quotes to their stories)

√ Add Definitions (users can add definitions to their stories)

√ Add Images (users can add images to their stories)

√ Add Lists (users can add lists to their stories)

Upgrade 1 Storify PRO - $67

√ All FE features +

√ up to 180 seconds (users can make up to 180 seconds long Stories)

√ up to 30 stories per month (users can make up to 30 Stories a month)√ Remove the Storify logo

√ Add Background Sounds to your stories

√ Add URLs (users can add URLs to their stories)√ Add CTA Buttons - Drive Engagement And Generate Sales By Integrating CTA buttons into Your Stories

√ Option to add CTA buttons so we can add affiliate links/website links etc.

√ Comments (users will be able to see the comments people leave on their stories)

√ add loyalty free images (users will be able add loyalty free images to their stories - works an API)

√ Comment under story

Upgrade 2 Storify Reseller Rights - $97

√ Reseller Rights (users will get 100% commissions if they sell Storify)

Upgrade 3 Storify Whitelabel Rights - $297

√ Whitelabel Rights (users can rebrand and resell our software - they will get the full code)


Use Coupon STORY50 To Save $50 Total Saving $251

Plus You Also Get These Extra Bundle Bonuses

My bundle bonus is huge for this and not to be missed. If you want your own marketing site up and running and ready to go let us help.

We are offering a full customised service for you this actually costs $997 but you can claim this as part of the bonus today.

You must be in the first 10 people to purchase the bundle to lock this in.

Build and Host Your Full Marketing Site. We will create the site just fill in our on boarding doc and my team will create your full marketing site for you. This includes a fully designed front end page to your specifications includes logo and all graphics.

VALUE $497

Marketing Plugins Included. Contains lots of different marketing plugins installed directly on the site for you to use. lead page system, automation system, full drag and drop page builder, membership system, comments system, optimizer and scarcity and much much more

VALUE $297

DFY Ready To Go Campaigns 25. These are completly ready to go, you can upload the campaigns direct to your marketing site and start using them right away. You get the prelead page, bonus sales page all graphics done which you can edit, delivery bonus page complete with bonuses. Plus swipes and much more...

VALUE $997+

Lifetime Hosting. We will provide lifetime hosting on our super fast servers. Everything is set and done for you no installation needed. My team will take care of everything for you from design to set up. This is the same hosting I use for all my sites.

VALUE $297+


Plus You Also Get For First 10 Only

Resellers Plus Full DFY Offer

How Would You Like Full Commercial Access?

Resell Access To AI VA Marketers

Sales Page Creation

We will create the sales page all ready for you to resell AI VA Marketers and set up the payment offer for you.

Hosting Included

We will host your new offer on our super fast servers with a direct link to the main AI VA Marketers software

Banner And Social Graphics

We will create banners and social media graphics for you to use with your reseller version done by our in house team.

Picture leveraging the prowess of seasoned professionals, each boasting a solid 15-25 years of experience, to steer your enterprise forward, all without the financial stress of doling out monthly wages. It's premium expertise without the price tag.

Your Very Own Virtual Assistant To Help Grow Your Business

With more than 30 AI Virtual Assistants at your disposal, accelerating your business growth becomes an effortless task. Irrespective of your needs, our Virtual Assistants are ready to step in and provide the necessary support.


  • Business coaches
  • Life coaches
  • Health guru's
  • Financial assistants
  • Wealth planning
  • And many more and growing all the time


Beyond just the how-tos, the book also delves into the tangible benefits and cost savings that AI VA's provide, demonstrating how it could exponentially increase your revenue, particularly if you are a consultation firm or a start-up.

This ebook comes with an accompanying five-part video course.

  • Done for you ebook
  • eBook cover
  • Formatted sales page
  • Formatted lead page
  • Marketing pack


AI VA's video course that you can use with the eBook as a giveaway or resell as an upgrade. You have full PLR rights to the video course.

Here is what you can do

  • Giveaway as lead magnet for AI VA's
  • Sell as an upgrade
  • Use as extra training

With AI Mail you get a ready to go email system with AI built in. You can import your leads and start mailing right away this powerful system has zero monthly fee's

  • Unlimited leads
  • AI content creation
  • Spam and subject scoring
  • Email generator
  • Template spam score
  • Subject line score

Done for you mail campaign that you can plug directly into your AI mail system. Just one click and the campaign is imported and ready to go.

  • Full campaign all ready
  • Follow up ready to go
  • Lead capture
  • Email template

Never pay for stock media again! In our new AI Image Deck you can create your own stock media with our AI image creator.


You can also edit and add to the images as well.

  • 40 different filters to add to the image
  • Draw directly on the image
  • Add text to the image
  • Watermark the image
  • And more...

Witht he commercial version you can create the images then resell them as your own. We will give you the commercial license PLUS you will also get the upgraded version of AI Image Deck.

  • More images monthly
  • More image tools
  • Image share tool
  • Commercial license
  • And more...

This is our brand new AI software that will create ebooks, content, blogs, keywords, social media and much more. This software is a monthly fee of $37 but you will get a years access today saving $444.

Not only will it create copy but it will also cxreate images as well.

Access to all standard templates included.

Lock in this bonus offer today.


This is our brand new AI software that will create ebooks, content, blogs, keywords, social media and much more. This software is a monthly fee of $37 but you will get a years access today saving $444.

Not only will it create copy but it will also cxreate images as well.

Access to all standard templates included.

Lock in this bonus offer today.


Done for you social media graphics. 50 motivational and digital marketing graphics ready to use in your social media campaigns with Post Smart.

  • 50 graphics to use
  • Includes PSD version
  • Full PLR rights to the graphics

Comes With Private Label Rights

The Special course will help you to get limitless traffic from YouTube in the next few minutes.

So what exactly is this going to do for you? Can a simple course really turn everything around for you?
Yes. Yes, it can.

Here's what you're going to learn in this video Training:

  • Overview of a Successful YouTube Marketing Strategy.
  • How to create profitable YouTube ads.
  • SEO tools for long-term YouTube traffic.
  • Understanding YouTube’s algorithm so you can get more traffic than your competition.
  • How to use YouTube Analytics to grow your YouTube channel.
  • How to build a community on YouTube and build a loyal following.
  • How to scale and ramp up your YouTube marketing strategy.
  • Plus so much more.

Comes With Private Label Rights

Established in 2005, YouTube is one of the first global social networks around, and its relevance continues to do nothing but grow. The video content posted, viewed, and shared on YouTube can be watched on desktops, laptops, notebooks and smartphones—any time of day or night.

YouTube attracts a larger range of demographics across all ages, hobbies, interests, and careers than any other social media platform—and YouTube videos can generate high search engine page rank. If that’s not enough, the combined audio/visual makes content more memorable than plain written text.

Comes With Private Label Rights

Creating a successful channel doesn't have to be difficult or time-consuming. With this special report, you'll learn how to get your channel ready to launch in just a few short hours! There is one thing every popular YouTube channel has in common. With this one powerful component, you'll be able to hit the ground running!

Growing your channel becomes drop-dead easy when you follow the time-tested strategies featured in this report! These techniques are proven to work regardless of your niche or market.

Plus, you'll learn how to position your channel in front of thousands of subscribers while ensuring your viewers return again and again! All within this special report!

Comes With Private Label Rights

Creating a YouTube channel is easy, but knowing how to flood your channel with loyal subscribers is a whole other story! Find out the essential steps to launching a channel that drives in traffic from the very first day!

Get this one step wrong and you'll always struggle to build an audience for your channel. Get this one step right and you'll be able to position your business deep within your market, easily! See tip #4 for details!

Learn how you can stand out from the crowd and capture the attention of your market - and more importantly, keep it! The strategies featured within this special guide will guide you every step of the way!

Find out all you need to know about launching a successful channel from the ground up. This special report cuts out the fluff and filler and focuses on the basic strategies often overlooked by new channel owners. Start with the steps featured in our guide and you'll be well on your way towards creating an ever-growing community of loyal subscribers! And much more - all within this special report!

Comes With Private Label Rights

Announcing The Brand New, 8 Part, Step By Step Video Course. Discover How to Optimize Your Videos For The YouTube Search Engine So You Can Outrank Your Competitors, Starting Today. In this specific video training course, you will get to watch over my shoulder - step-by-step, click by click - and learn what you need to do before making your YouTube videos live.

It’s nothing new that YouTube is a huge source of traffic for your products or services. Video marketing is one of the easiest ways to get highly targeted traffic, but you have to do it right.

If you do it wrong and simply upload a video to YouTube in the hopes that it will get a ranked on YouTube and on Google then you won’t be as effective.

Comes With Private Label Rights

Have you got a YouTube channel or maybe you're thinking about creating one? The most important thing to consider besides creating the content is to build up subscribers. You could have the best content on YouTube but if you're not getting enough subscribers or views, then your channel with fail before it even begins.

Within this 6-part video tutorial all about how to build subscribers on YouTube, it goes through the basics on how to build your subscriber base up to 1 million subs. A must-have for any YouTuber or anyone selling content such as this.

Extra Vendor Bonuses

Unlock the Power of Passive Income with Your Very Own Ultra Lucrative Email List!

Usually I would teach you to build a buyer’s list by becoming a vendor, and creating your own products.  But this is a much easier and faster way to get sustainable success online.

You see inside ListProdigy you will be taught by a very successful affiliate marketer, who just so happens to also be one of my first mentors!

Fergal Downes has been working away quietly in the background, perfecting the blueprint to a system that works so well, it’s astonished me!

In fact (100% truth) when he showed me his training, I couldn’t wait to get stuck in myself!  It’s that good!

Learning how to build a list is one thing, but learning all the secrets to setting that list up the right way, and maximising your earning potential in the process…well that’s priceless!

Max struggled online for a long time and tried all kinds of money making methods that failed.

It wasn’t until he figured out the secret to turning TikTok into a firehose of traffic that it is now raining down money.

He now gets to travel the world by making short videos that literally point people to buy products.

By now unless you have been living under a rock you have heard of TikTok.

But are you crushing it online with it?

If you aren’t doing at least 5 figures a month with TikTok then this product is for you.

Max realised that the pandemic had shifted people’s focus, and online gig services are rocketing. So he knew Fiverr was the place to be, but he had to figure out the HOW.

Well he did, and now he is riding the crest of the wave as Fiverr explodes in popularity!

You see Fiverr is enjoying a MASSIVE growth phase.

In the last year it’s shares have gone up by a whopping 630%!

Active buyers on Fiverr grew by over a million to 3.4 million by December 2020!

This means there are literally millions of hungry buyers queuing up to pay you money! All you need to figure out is how to make sure it’s you they pay.

Well that is take care of in Fiverrocket!

Max has created a simple blueprint that you can follow, with step by step instructions on how you can copy exactly what he does!

The Exile Profits Training Program
The Exile Profits Training Makes It Easy For You To Experience True Set & Forget Income Without Creating ANY Content Or Dabbling In Technical Mumbo Jumbo