AI Assistant Lets You Dominate ANY Niche & Create Hundreds of Micro Content Videos In Minutes Using A Single Keyword!

AI Will AUTOMATICALLY Select The Topics, Write The Script, & Convert To Animated Video FOR YOU. Just Enter A Keyword & Hit Go!

This Is The Perfect SECRET Weapon

For You To Destroy The Competition In 2023.

Best of all, it won’t require that you:

  • Spend hours writing soul-sucking bland articles
  • Waste weeks on social media strategies that only get a handful of views
  • Beg others to promote your products
  • Hope that Google ranks your content
  • Create hundreds of blog posts that never get seen by the masses

Nope. This strategy works INCREDIBLY well and it’s not slowing down at all. Now is the time for you to take full advantage if you want a leg up on your competitors.


Creating good quality videos, with meaningful content, on scale isn’t easy!

In 2023, to get attention and dominate in your category, you need to create and publishing multiple videos with good content every single day.

Without this, your business simply have no chance to get the visibility.

What businesses want is the ability to quick and easily create multiple professional yet gorgeous looking videos with meaningful content, without spending hours writing scripts, editing, recording or spending a fortune outsourcing.

No one has time to write 10 video scripts every day and then create storyboards, add animation (even if its point-n-click) or design all those other video elements.

Creating and publishing at least 2-5 videos a day on TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites is critical.

ContentReel makes it hands-free for anyone to create multiple 16:9, 9:16 or 1:1 animated videos for social media, marketers, ads or anything you can think of using just a keyword using real A.I., saving businesses tons of time, effort and money.

ContentReel uses a well-trained A.I. models to create videos at scale. You simple enter a keyword and choose the video style, and A.I. will pick multiple trending topics around the niche/keyword, write script for each topic and convert each script into a fully animated video, ready for you to publish online and dominate your competitors at scale they never thought possible.

After people touch or click on the continue button, their verified email is pushed from the platform they use to Leadono use account, and then synced to your autoresponder.

Leadono natively supports a large number of autoresponders with direct integrations, as well as Zapier to integrate with almost any autoresponder you want.


No matter what you do online, using Micro-Videos can bring you more leads and sales. That includes

Cheat Your Way To Endless FREE Video Traffic, With Our Breakthrough A.I. Video Creation Software!

Create Any Type of Video For Every Platform Imaginable.

There’s no limit to the various videos you can create inside the app. With just a keyword and a few clicks of your mouse, you can have videos ready for YouTube Shorts, FB Stories, IG Stories, TikTok Stories, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, VSLs, Explainer Videos, and more.

Create Videos Using a Keyword

You don’t need a single creative bone in your body to use our app. Just enter your keyword and the app will automatically being to lay out the topics, script, and templates to put together an amazing looking engaging video in seconds

Yep. It really is that easy.

Create 9:16 Videos - Vertical

Get ahead of the game with the 9:16 vertical video creation option. Perfect for mobile viewing and guaranteed to captivate your audience. Don't miss out on potential subscribers and customers watching and consuming content on mobile and vertical screen devices.

Create 16:9 Videos - Horizontal

Publish your videos in this format to capture views from some of the more common devices. This format is widely accepted from most users and ensures your video is seen correctly. Great for making sure you don’t lose out on any potential subscribers or customers.

Create Square 1:1 Videos

Use this format to attract more mobile users to your content. These type of videos gets more views, higher video completion rates, and lots of engagement which means more free traffic and profits for your products and services.

Create 100 Videos In Just Minutes

This would be impossible to do on your own, but our app makes this possible for anyone in any niche. All the templates, systems, and media are built in so you can crank out videos faster than the competition before they’ll know what hit them.

A.I. Recommends Video Topics

We have a true A.I. machine learning setup that takes from tons of data. You only need to give it a starting point (keyword) and it will go and search and suggest the hottest topics for your videos.

Once you’re satisfied with its suggestions, proceed to tell it to create the script and you’re on your way to traffic getting videos in no time.

A.I. Writes Your Video Script For You

No need to hire expensive copywriters or spend time staring at a blank screen. A single keyword is all it takes to have the A.I. create your video scripts in just minutes vs hours it would take you to do it on your own. Perfect for those with little to no writing skills.



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Create Virtual Video tours. I have 10 spots for this so you need to be quick if you want to lock this in. Its brand new for 2023.

Turn images into 360 interactive videos. Showcase on your website and use interactive videos to get more engagement than ever before.

Full unlimited access but only available for the first 10. Includes commercial license.

Add Inside:

  • Images
  • Image gallery
  • Video
  • Links
  • Audio
  • Text
  • Html
  • Download
  • PDF
  • Form
  • Google maps
  • Product

For example you can sell directly from the image or even collect an email from the image anything can be added.

Add live chat to the Virtual Video system so you can sell live direct from the system. Create interactive images or videos with multiple points of interest.

Chat live inside the app. This is available for the first 25 buyers only

Full commercial license you can create tours, virtual images and videos for your clients and set up them up. This can be used alongside other video tools for the perfect agency offer.

Ten live streaming tools that you can use to stream live videos. This guide covers the top ten tools that you need for live streaming.

You need video in your business today! The Truth is... Incorporating Video into Your Business Increases Sales and Revenue By Over 90%. If I could show you the benefit of video in your business would you be interested?

Just like most Web Masters and Internet Marketers, we are all trying to make more revenue and expand our businesses to greater levels.

The competition is tough we know this! So we need an alternative solution to ensure customer retention and engagement on our websites. More and more people across the world are turning to video as a solution for increased profit and revenue.

However, most people don't know how to create a video with substance and engagement and often harm their business rather than increase profit.

This is a collection of 20 intro and outro video templates that you can use for all your business needs. If you have been looking for such content, then this is it. Not only that you can use this product for your own needs, but you can sell it too!

Transcloud let’s you to create your own business which allows you to turn any text into lifelike speech, allowing you to create various media content such as audio books, podcasts, voice contents and also applications that talk, and build entirely new categories of speech-enabled products.

With over 745 different lifelike voices across more than 128 languages and dialects, you can build speech-enabled applications that work in many different countries.

  • Store & redistribute speech easily via social media
  • Near Real-time text synthesize
  • Customize & control speech output
  • Optimize Your Streaming Audio
  • Adjust Speaking Styles (For Neural Voices)
  • Adjust Speech Rate, Pitch, and Loudness
  • Adjust Speaking Emphasis
  • And much more

For this we are giving you the full commercial licence so this means you can create projects for your clients and charge them for the privilege.  Do not delay lock in the TransCloud Agency

Audcloud allows you to transcribe audio into text in various formats, allowing you to create transcripts of audio books, podcasts, voice contents, recordings, customer service calls etc in a simple and efficient way. 

Multiple Audio Input Formats:

  • MP3 
  • OGG 
  • WAV 
  • WEBM
  • MP4 
  • FLAC 

Store & redistribute text

Edit live results

Support for over +170 Languages & Dialects

Support for 12 Languages for Live Transcribe

For this we are giving you the full commercial licence so this means you can create projects for your clients and charge them for the privilege.  Do not delay lock in the AudCloud Agency

ExtractCloud automatically extracts text, handwriting, and data from scanned documents. It goes beyond simple optical character recognition (OCR) to identify, understand, and extract data from forms and tables. 

It reads and processes any type of document, accurately extracting text, handwriting, tables, and other data with no manual effort. ExtractCloud can extract the data in minutes instead of hours or days.

  1. Support for documents in 6 Languages (EN | FR | DE | IT | PT | ES)
  2. Support for documents in PDF | PNG | JPEG formats
  3. Support for handwritten documents in English language

For this we are giving you the full commercial licence so this means you can create projects for your clients and charge them for the privilege.  Do not delay lock in the ExtractCloud Agency

How would you like everything done for you in our new cloud agency package. Do you struggle to get everything set up and running for your agencies? Yes? Then this is the package for you. Access to all three systems all ready and done for you.

You will also receive…

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The Ultimate Traffic Guide! See Your Website Take Off Today With Paid Traffic! Is Your SEO Tactics Not Generating The Desired Revenue? Turn To Paid Traffic Methods And Safeguard Your Future Earnings! Smart Use Of Paid Marketing Can Generate As Much As $100,000 Per Month! Target your potential customers, earn high ROIs, and become a millionaire in no time!

Since the introduction of the Internet to the public in 1994, our world has moved online. This has quickly been followed by money. Whether you have a personal blog, business website, or are making money through online advertising, today's currency of success relies, almost exclusively, on the science of cultivating more significant traffic to your website.

The traffic that you bring to your website is crucial because it helps you increase your rankings on the various search engines, which is how potential customers can find your company. It also helps you to gain expertise in your industry, which allows you to establish your influence on a particular topic, giving you the ability to earn money.

Building a list is something you’ve probably heard is important, right? Everyone says, “The money is in the list.” And that’s very true. Sure, you can get traffic in many ways. There’s paid traffic, social media, SEO, video marketing… the list goes on. But all those traffic methods have one major thing in common—you’re depending on someone else for your traffic.

The Ultimate Traffic Guide! See Your Website Take Off Today With Paid Traffic! Is Your SEO Tactics Not Generating The Desired Revenue? Turn To Paid Traffic Methods And Safeguard Your Future Earnings! Smart Use Of Paid Marketing Can Generate As Much As $100,000 Per Month! Target your potential customers, earn high ROIs, and become a millionaire in no time!

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Build more traffic using these 21 underground traffic hacks. All sites need more traffic and you can unlock the secrets with this guide.

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At Long Last... Here's Your Incredible Opportunity To Shove Guesswork Aside And Focus On Where The Money Really, Really, Really Is... Generating Killer TARGETED (Not Just Any Kind) Traffic To Your Web Sites Using Simple But Ingenious Tactics!

Within this 6-part video training course, you're going to be learning out to get traffic from one of the most popular social media platforms to date, Twitter. With millions of users on Twitter, you need to learn how to gain traffic from this monster of a site.

Video Marketing Profit Kit Pictures may be worth a thousand words but videos are worth thousands of pictures... and more! This is the one-stop resource you need to use if you are serious about video marketing.

This course delivers the following crucial information:

How to pick the right type of video to create 

How to save money on video creation 

How to turbocharge the persuasive power of your marketing videos 

How to make money from your videos 

How to promote your videos the right way 

And much more!

Topics covered:

Why Should You Reverse Engineer Your Competitors Videos?

One Key Trick that Boost Your Videos' SEO

Too Many Marketers Fail to Do This and They End Up Failing

How to Use the KLT Sales Method Using Videos

How to Use the Cheapest Marketing Video Type Most Profitably

3 Key Marketing Video Types You Need to Know About

3 Key Considerations to Think About When Using Whiteboard Videos for Marketing

3 Key Fiverr Services that Will Turbocharge Your Video Marketing Business

Do You Have to Have the Best Looking Videos to Make Money in Your Niche?

Why is Elemental Optimization So Important to Your Profitability

Video Marketing DominationVideos are going to Win in 2023. Every business should leverage video in their marketing to get better success.

Video Marketing Domination video course will teach you to create videos that generate hundreds and thousands of visitors to any websites, funnels, and offers.

You don't need to have previous knowledge, skills or big budget to create high-quality mesmerizing videos that would allow your brand to connect with your audience, bring value and increase your sales.Topics covered:>> Discover How Taking Advantage Of Video Marketing Can Completely Alter The Course Of Your Business…>> Find Out How You Can Drive Hundreds & Thousands Of Visitors To Your Blogs, Funnels, & Offers FAST and Effortlessly!>> Learn How You Can Build Deep & Emotional Connection With Your Audience So That They buy From You Instead Of Your Competitors!>> Discover How You Can Create Attention-Grabbing Videos People are Excited To Watch!

Traffic Marketing VideosWith these Traffic Marketing Videos, you'll get access to 1000+ marketing videos that are done for you.Creating a site and having the right strategy is part of the process. You still need traffic and what better way to generate traffic than leveraging videos.With Traffic Marketing Videoss bundle, we've create ALL the marketing videos you'll ever need.Simply download these videos, upload them everywhere with a link back to your adsense website and watch the traffic follow. 

Create motion animations and add animations to your videos with Express VidTraffic App.

Express VidTraffic App is an easy to use animation software that gives you the ability to animate shapes, text and imported images. Express Animate is simple and easy-to-use.

Express VidTraffic App is a powerful one-of-it’s kind animation software that lets you animate anything in your videos. There’s a lot you can do with this software such as add text, shapes, and more.

The process of animation itself is easy once you get the hang of it. For video creators, most of the tools in the software’s interface are easy to use. There are keyframes, a timeline, and layers.

Traffic Engine is designed to boost the website traffic of any online businesses passively. It is an all-in-one tool for search engine optimization, pay-per-click monitoring and general market research.

Traffic Engine is the ultimate traffic consultancy tool. It’s packed with a page analysis feature that examines crucial SEO parts of any website and returns an SEO "score" for the page.

It also instantly gives you suggestions on improving your SEO performance, generates a report of where your site is ranking in various keywords, while also keeping track of your previous positions. 

Traffic Engine also auto-finds backlinks and displays interesting information about the sites that are linking to you, complete with anchor text and IP address. TrafficEngine gives you:

A comprehensive report that lets you see all the crucial data at a glance

Power to store and analyze historical data to see the bigger trends in a market over time

Ability to compare a variety of statistics and see how they interact

Powerful PPC research tools you can use or sell

A keyword list you can see which sites are competing on certain keywords

A tracker of ads movement in the search engines over time

An analysis of keywords to see which words attract consistent, stable competition

Ready-to-print project graphs & reports you can send to your clients 

AgencyManager is a user sales CRM software to automate and simplify your entire sales process.

AgencyManager is designed to help businesses and marketers organize their sales process and accelerate growth. 

Enquiry/Lead. Track all your inquiries for various products, sources of your leads, and analyze sales performance in one glance. You can save all your customer contacts and organize them quickly for future use.

Follow-ups. Record the complete details of your lead so that your follow-ups are targeted and high-converting. You can log the mode of follow-up, date and time of follow-up, brief about the communication done, next follow-up details and so on. AgencyManager also gives you a bird’s eye view of the entire history of your lead’s follow-up.

Closure. Closing deals is a breeze with AgencyManager. It enables you to monitor and track overall sales performance, track the status of lead/inquiry, and record the status of your deal.

Reports. Generate a complete overview of your leads, follow-ups and closure details in one click. You can also safefuard your data with AgencyManager’s in-built Backup and Restore Data features. In seconds, you get complete insight of your sales performance, identify your top-selling product, track the top source of your leads, track your history of follow-ups, and track the status of your leads.

A one-stop tool for scraping targeted data and leads for your business.

Instantly extract quality leads into a ready-to-use .csv format containing your leads’ full name, corporate email, company details, location, and much more. In one click, you can explode your sales and profits without manually scouring through online forums and groups. 

Lead Monster gives you hot, targeted leads in any niche so you can start turning them into real, paying clients right away.

AnimaStudio is compact image-editing software packed with tools for cropping, resizing, correcting colors, applying presets and effects, as well as drawing with a brush or pen.

AnimaStudio is a comprehensive graphic design package that can support layers and lets you create Web graphics, icons, images, animations, and much more.

It works perfectly for professional artists, designers, and programmers, but is also designed with layman users with any level of experience. It lets you work on and produce images in file formats such as GIF, JPEG, BMP, ICO, TGA, and AVI. 

AnimaStudio is an all-in-one graphic and animation tool that features animation editing; layers and alpha channels; photo sharpening, a full set of essential color-palette-manipulation features for true-color, 256-color, 16-color, and 2-color; batch-image conversion; blurring, embossing, and despeckling; controls for brightness, contrast, and gamma;  a red-eye filter; image resizing; and color reduction.

Add visual and audio effects to all your videos easily. VFX Genie offers rich functionality with its intuitive interface, allowing anyone to create studio-quality videos in a few clicks.

Extensive visual and audio effects: Add sleek visual and audio effects to your videos such as color correction, object transformation, object filters, transition effects and special effects.

Blending modes and color presets: Get access to a wide array of adjustable parameters that let you give a professional feel to your videos. Want to save time? No problem. VFX Genie also offers Instagram-like filters you can instantly apply in one click.

Masking: VFX Genie lets you use different shaped masks for hiding, blurring or highlighting certain elements in your video. 

Video stabilization tool: Instantly smoothen any footage taken from drones, action cameras or other devices on the go. VFX Genie gives you a reliable virtual tripod that removes video jitter or any unwanted shakiness, letting you create immersive videos every single time.

Motion tracking: The Motion tracking tool allows for registering and tracking movements of any objects in a video, where you can then add titles, captions, icons, images, masks, and other visual elements that follow the movement of that specific object in your video.

Subpixel accuracy: Effortlessly get smooth animation, rotation, transformation and precise relative positioning with VFX Genie’s subpixel positioning accuracy.

Non-linear video editor: VFX Genie allows objects to be placed in any position on the editing timeline with a fully-customizable size.

Easy export to social networks: Get access to social media presets that let you easily render optimized video resolutions specific for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Vimeo and more.

DFYContracts lets you sell professionally and securely without the hefty legal fees.

DFYContratcs is an incredibly useful tool that contains many ready-made templates of contracts, which are professionally designed, created, and includes all the necessary points so you can close your deals effortlessly and securely.

Securely protect your confidential information with the in-built support feature for various operating systems, letting you and your customers navigate through the app effortlessly, while also being able to share screenshots of documents with the necessary notes.

Resellers Rights to VidRankNeos

Get Unlimited Traffic with Page #1 Ranking! With VidRankNeos You Are Guaranteed To Rank Your Videos And Once You’ve Done That, You Can Easy Track Your Rankings. With Rank Tracker and Spy feature you can not only track your videos ranking and current positions but you can also spy on your competitors and see where they are ranking and what they are doing to keep ranking.

Resellers Rights to VidNeos

VidNeos takes hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of real life, real business insights from real videos and real sales...and packs it all into a one-stop-shop software... Research, Create, Analyse, Optimise & Backlink (video and website) - Do EVERYTHING from one place.

Whitelabel License to AppSpyPro

AppSpyPro helps you find the most popular niches and keywords in Apple iOS store, Google Android Play Store and other mobile app stores...

Whitelabel License to VideoAppMonarchy Theme + Plugin

Video App Monarchy is a WP plugin that actually produces results for anyone who is struggling to generate traffic.

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