By Richard Fairbairn


The global online course market was worth $107 billion in 2015 and by 2025 it will reach a staggering total market value of $325 billion. Video is backbone of teaching online but not everyone has a professional camera or is good at create presentations, recording audios, putting it all together and creating a course.

That's exactly where CourseReelAI steps in.

CourseReelAI is a cloud-based AI powered video-course creation app that uses CorsAI technology to create course topics, chapters per topic, script/content per chapters and turns the text script or voice into a proper video with slides, text, design, voice-over, sync and more automatically added and ready to customize in minutes!


CourseReelAI let's you turn your free time into professional video courses and lets you break into the $25 BILLION e-learning industry.

Creating video courses has never been this easy.

  • You don't need to think of a topic of a course.
  • You don't need to think of what to teach or include in the course.
  • You don't need to write or create content or script for the chapters.
  • You don't need to sit and create videos for each chapter from scratch.

CourseReelAI is built upon our CorsAI engine that will recommend you a course topic and title based on the niche or keyword you provide and go on to suggest multiple variations of “topics or chapters” to cover in your new video course, create content for each “topic or chapter” and then create a video for each of them, with images, slides, video clips, text, animation, transitions and full customisation option, all on autopilot.

No guess work. No start from scratch. No writers block or “I don't know what to create a course about”.

Imagine entering a keyword and letting CourseReelAI give you all the recommendations, do all the work and build the backbone of your new video course. Spend 10 minutes reviewing and adding your logo and spin to the course, and you're very first video course is ready to be published on Udemy or Teachable.

Login to your CourseReelAI dashboard and enter your niche or even just a keyword…

…and watch the magic unfold.

CourseReelAI will...
  • Recommend you a multiple course titles and topics based on a keyword or niche
  • Recommend you multiple topics or “chapter” ideas for your course topic
  • Will create content/script for each chapter that you can modify/add more to
  • Break down the script into sentences and convert them into multiple slides with text, background, images, animation, clips, sounds, voice-over and more pre-added.

Next, customize your slide, format the text, add image or even add video clips anywhere using our easy-to-use ReelEngine video editor.

Finally, add your logo or watermark, automatically add voice-overs using text-to-speech technology and download your new video course.

CourseReelAI let’s you do all of this and more:

How Would You Like Your Slice Of The $200 Billion Plus Market?


Here is what is included...

CourseCreate the ultimate membership system. This has everything you need to start creating and selling your own membership/courses. You will recieve the full business edition with full unlimited features. Check out what is included below.

EventReel create ticketed events for one time or subscription training courses. A full system that will build your event with countdowns and multiple themes to choose from or build your own.

DFY Courses we are going to give you 20 done for you courses that you can upload and get started today with. They cover all the popular niches and will be instant sellers.

Seven Membership Training Packages these courses cover everything you need to make your membership course a success. Everything is here from newbie to advanced.

CourseCreate is a full membership system that has everything you need to get started today.

  • You get business edition worth $497
  • Your copy is full unlimited
  • Unlimited courses memberships as you wish
  • Payment gateways included
  • Start building recurring income today
  • Full training included

CourseCreate is a full membership system that has everything you need to get started today. You can build courses and start selling access today.

There are multiple payments gateways built it.

  • Build your course
  • Add in your page
  • Set your payment gateway
  • Start building recurring income

Unlimited Categories

Unlimited Courses

Unlimited Modules

Unlimited Lessons

Featured Courses

Custom Domain

Sub Domain

Completion Certificate

Unlimited Coupons



QR Codes

Follow Module

Own Blogs


Page Builder

CourseCreate is super easy to use and with this new system we are giving you all the tools to start your own membership course system and you can get started in three easy steps.

Step One

Upload Course

Upload Your Course, Modules, Lessons & Lesson Contents

Step Two

Start Selling

Setup Your Currency, Payment Gateways & Start Selling

Step Three

Custom Domain

Add Custom Domain to Make Your Website Professional


The pro version of Course Create unlocks everything in the system with no features locked or limited. Basically the is the all singing all dancing version that if you are serious about building courses and selling them this is what you need!

The Pro version is limited to the first 50 buyers so make sure you get this before it sells out.

Management Events.

Ten payment online gateways are added under this module and this give you the felixibilty to really grow. Plus you can offer offline payments as well.

Give users more ways to pay with this module and in turn make more income. Make sure you unlock the extra gateways and be in the first 50 buyers.

Management Events

Add up to 15 domains to use with Course Create under the upgraded branding module. This means you can really grow you online membership site portfolio and create fifteen stand alone sites.

More sites equals more money so make sure you are in the first fifty buyers and you will lock in this upgrade.

Management Events

Get Started Today Create Your Own Membership Site

Run events alongside your members courses. Charge high ticket prices for one off events.

Make Your Event More Professional Manage your event and event attendees professionally and simply without the need for an expert. Just 5 minutes to bring your event to everyone and manage their interactions.

Management Events.

  • Management Guests(Attendees).
  • Personalize your event
  • QR-Code Checkin
  • Response Email…
  • Custom-domain for landing page event
  • Personalize your event. With multi theme color and font-family
  • Multi theme Landing page event
  • Get attendees real time
  • Easy builder template with Admin build template feature .
  • Templates

The EventsReel upgrade means you can have the full unlimited version you can build and run multiple events and sell multiple events at the same time.

This upgrade takes the brakes of the system and lets you turn any event into a high ticket pay day for you.

Done for you courses. You can add these to CourseCreate and start selling them today you can sell them individually or package them together and sell them for more. You have 20 courses ready to go.

Management Events.

  • Social Media
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Training
  • Email Marketing
  • eCommerce
  • Traffic
  • And much more...

In this training we will give you the top tools for starting your membership site today. Everything is included we will show you everything you need.

Get the quick and easy route to starting your membership site today.

Take the guesswork out of starting your membership site. In this training we cover all the basics in getting started and making your membership site profitable.

Build it once and keep selling it over and over again. Full insight in how to make your membership site profitable longterm.

In this step by step formula we cover the full road map to getting started and taking your membership site to the next level.

Use a successful formula to jump start your membership site and make it successful quicker.

Write better sales pages for your membership site. In this training we will show you what makes a sales letter for a membership site convert and convert well.

Better sales letters means more conversions for your membership sites.

Training for membership sites takes you to the next level we will show you how to take your membership site from start to finish and make sure it gets off the gorund running.

If you do not know much about membership sites then this is the best training guide you can find.

Go big or go home is the name of the game with this training if you want your site to be the most successful it can be then you need this training. Build for the long term and make sure your site grows at the speed you want it to.

Training for a bigger membership site.

Email for membership sites gives you the know how to presell the membership offer to your subscribers. Go through the audio course to get the full info on how to get your subscribers to join your membership site.

Traffic Engine

Traffic Engine is designed to boost the website traffic of any online businesses passively. It is an all-in-one tool for search engine optimization, pay-per-click monitoring and general market research.

Traffic Engine is the ultimate traffic consultancy tool. It’s packed with a page analysis feature that examines crucial SEO parts of any website and returns an SEO "score" for the page.

It also instantly gives you suggestions on improving your SEO performance, generates a report of where your site is ranking in various keywords, while also keeping track of your previous positions. 

Traffic Engine also auto-finds backlinks and displays interesting information about the sites that are linking to you, complete with anchor text and IP address.


AnimaStudio is compact image-editing software packed with tools for cropping, resizing, correcting colors, applying presets and effects, as well as drawing with a brush or pen.

AnimaStudio is a comprehensive graphic design package that can support layers and lets you create Web graphics, icons, images, animations, and much more.

It works perfectly for professional artists, designers, and programmers, but is also designed with layman users with any level of experience. It lets you work on and produce images in file formats such as GIF, JPEG, BMP, ICO, TGA, and AVI. 

AnimaStudio is an all-in-one graphic and animation tool that features animation editing; layers and alpha channels; photo sharpening, a full set of essential color-palette-manipulation features for true-color, 256-color, 16-color, and 2-color; batch-image conversion; blurring, embossing, and despeckling; controls for brightness, contrast, and gamma;  a red-eye filter; image resizing; and color reduction.


AgencyManager is a user sales CRM software to automate and simplify your entire sales process.

AgencyManager is designed to help businesses and marketers organize their sales process and accelerate growth. 

Enquiry/Lead. Track all your inquiries for various products, sources of your leads, and analyze sales performance in one glance. You can save all your customer contacts and organize them quickly for future use.

Follow-ups. Record the complete details of your lead so that your follow-ups are targeted and high-converting. You can log the mode of follow-up, date and time of follow-up, brief about the communication done, next follow-up details and so on. AgencyManager also gives you a bird’s eye view of the entire history of your lead’s follow-up.

Closure. Closing deals is a breeze with AgencyManager. It enables you to monitor and track overall sales performance, track the status of lead/inquiry, and record the status of your deal.

Reports. Generate a complete overview of your leads, follow-ups and closure details in one click. You can also safefuard your data with AgencyManager’s in-built Backup and Restore Data features. In seconds, you get complete insight of your sales performance, identify your top-selling product, track the top source of your leads, track your history of follow-ups, and track the status of your leads.

Lead Monster

A one-stop tool for scraping targeted data and leads for your business.

Instantly extract quality leads into a ready-to-use .csv format containing your leads’ full name, corporate email, company details, location, and much more. In one click, you can explode your sales and profits without manually scouring through online forums and groups. 

Lead Monster gives you hot, targeted leads in any niche so you can start turning them into real, paying clients right away.


DFYContracts lets you sell professionally and securely without the hefty legal fees.

DFYContratcs is an incredibly useful tool that contains many ready-made templates of contracts, which are professionally designed, created, and includes all the necessary points so you can close your deals effortlessly and securely.

Securely protect your confidential information with the in-built support feature for various operating systems, letting you and your customers navigate through the app effortlessly, while also being able to share screenshots of documents with the necessary notes.

VFX Genie

Add visual and audio effects to all your videos easily. VFX Genie offers rich functionality with its intuitive interface, allowing anyone to create studio-quality videos in a few clicks.

Extensive visual and audio effects: Add sleek visual and audio effects to your videos such as color correction, object transformation, object filters, transition effects and special effects.

Blending modes and color presets: Get access to a wide array of adjustable parameters that let you give a professional feel to your videos. Want to save time? No problem. VFX Genie also offers Instagram-like filters you can instantly apply in one click.

Masking: VFX Genie lets you use different shaped masks for hiding, blurring or highlighting certain elements in your video. 

Video stabilization tool: Instantly smoothen any footage taken from drones, action cameras or other devices on the go. VFX Genie gives you a reliable virtual tripod that removes video jitter or any unwanted shakiness, letting you create immersive videos every single time.

Motion tracking: The Motion tracking tool allows for registering and tracking movements of any objects in a video, where you can then add titles, captions, icons, images, masks, and other visual elements that follow the movement of that specific object in your video.

Subpixel accuracy: Effortlessly get smooth animation, rotation, transformation and precise relative positioning with VFX Genie’s subpixel positioning accuracy.

Non-linear video editor: VFX Genie allows objects to be placed in any position on the editing timeline with a fully-customizable size.

Easy export to social networks: Get access to social media presets that let you easily render optimized video resolutions specific for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Vimeo and more.

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